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Not Ready For Rhinoplasty? Try The Non-Surgical Nose Job

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 19, 2018

We all want to look good, but not all of us have the guts to go through the surgical procedure to create the look we want. If you’re not ready to commit and just want to see what the temporary results will look like first, these non-surgical options might be best for you. They can correct humps on the nose,augment a flat nose bridge, add a lift to the nose tip, and reduce the size of nostrils—all without the dreaded cutting. Dr. Sheila Acosta of the Belo Medical Group walks us through the two most popular non-surgical nose job options below.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Option #1: Nose Fillers

Dr. Acosta suggests injectable dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid, the ingredient found in popular fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero, or calcium hydroxyapatite, which comprises another well-known filler, Radiesse. You’ll see instant results after the treatment and the treated area may continue to improve after 1-2 weeks as the fillers settle into the corrected area. “The results may last for one to two years depending on the material used,” adds Dr. Acosta.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Option #2: Embedded Protein Threads

Another technique to consider makes use of polydioxanone(PDO) threads, which are special threads of varying lengths placed under the skin to create a nose bridge ora nose tip. Embedded Protein Threads also stimulate collagen production to support your desired nose contour.“The results are also immediate with no downtime,” Dr. Acosta assures.“Results here can last fromsix months to a year.”

What to Know Before You Get Treated

While non-surgical nose lifts are a good starting point for people who want to achieve a more sculpted nose, Dr. Acosta stresses that they cannot replace the results a full rhinoplasty brings. “Patient selection is of utmost importance, as certain structures or deformities are better corrected through surgical means,” she advises.

Interested in non-surgical nose lift options with results that last for a year or longer? Click here to book a personal consultation at the Belo clinic nearest you!

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