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5 Face-Slimming Treatments To Get Rid of a Puffy Face

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 22, 2020

Having large, puffy cheeks can be super cute…if you’re three years old. But maybe you’re in your mid-twenties or early 30s now, and you’re looking to get a more chiseled, sculpted appearance. Belo is the master at skin tightening and rejuvenation, so of course we’ve got solutions for you. If we’re being honest, our title’s actually pretty misleading, because we have more than just five solutions in our arsenal to reduce cheek puffiness. But here are our top five recommendations for your consideration…

1. The One Everyone Knows and Loves: Thermage FLX

From Anne Curtis to Alden Richards to Julia Barretto to Mayor Isko Moreno, a vast majority of our Belo Babies have sworn by this amazing skin-tightening treatment. That’s because its results are unbelievably immediate and hard to beat. It was our top-selling treatment at the 8.8 sale, and it continues to be one of our most requested services. Thermage FLX uses patented radiofrequency to tighten the skin and encourage the production of collagen and elastin. And months after stepping off the treatment bed, you’ll continue to see results. As they say, banat na banat!

2. The Promising New Kid on the Block: Skin Genius

Skin Genius might not be the prom queen quite yet, but she’s definitely one to watch: it boldly juxtaposes the precision of microneedling and the efficiency of RF to create a skin-tightening and skin texture-improving experience like nothing else. Isabelle Daza, Iza Calzado, Morissette, and more have had their jaws drop to the floor because of the amazing results. It even caused David Guison to stop using oil control film entirely, because he no longer needed them! So if you’re looking for more than just skin tightening—if you’re looking for something more holistic—then Skin Genius is the one.

3. The Gentle Giant: Skin Reboot

We’re not gonna lie—both Thermage and Skin Genius can come with a degree of discomfort or pain. But a pain-free RF experience is possible with Belo Skin Reboot. In this case, RF tech is combined with microcurrent to help absorb a vitamin- and stem cell-rich cream into the skin. This thick cream is then gently rubbed into the skin using relaxing circular motions. Lovers of the procedure include Maymay Entrata, Kim Chiu, Piolo Pascual…the list goes on. Several of our Belo Babies have fallen asleep during this procedure. It’s just that relaxing! You will, however, need four sessions spaced out weekly for a month to get the best results. 

4. The Surgical Dupe: Enerjet Kinetic Facelift

A facelift is a serious and expensive procedure. If you’re not quite ready for that kind of commitment (sounds like some of our exes, TBH), then the Enerjet Kinetic Facelift is your match. A special firming and rejuvenating solution (containing hyaluronic acid, among other ingredients) is injected into key areas of your face. It’s able to simulate the effects of a real facelift, without having to put you under! Amy Castillo and Dyan Castillejo are Enerjet fans. BTW, this doesn’t just de-puff the cheeks—it’s great for your jawline as well.

5. The No-Fail Solution: Ulthera Prime

Often compared to Thermage FLX, Ulthera Prime is amazing in its own right. After all, its special MFU-V technology is able to contract collagen and elastin by about 30%! Its ultrasound applicator delivers waves of energy that instantly tightens and lifts the skin. Alice Dixson, Alden Richards, and Camille Co have all been blown away by this treatment, and we know you will be, too.

So whether you’re looking for a relaxing way to de-puff or a one-time big-time solution, there’s always something for you! Head to our Instagram feed @belobeauty to see more of our treatments in action…and their stunning results.

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