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Excessive Sweating

By admin on October 23, 2019

Sweat is normal and even a sign of a healthy body. But as with almost everything in life, a little too much can be a big problem. Excessive sweating underlies certain issues you may not be aware of. It’s also an embarrassing beauty problem to have. Good thing Belo Medical Group has the know-how and expertise to make excessive sweating a thing of the past.

Excessive Sweating: How to Tell If You Have It?

Hyperhidrosis is the clinical term of excessive sweating. It is a medical condition which means that a person sweats even when the temperature is cool or when they are just stationary.

There is truth in how different people sweat at different rates. Dr. Dee Anna Glaser of St. Louis University says, “Some people start sweating more easily than others.”

However, all people can sweat a little too much. Observe if you sweat even if you’re just in your room with the AC on. Do you feel dehydrated no matter how much you drink? You may need to see your doctor for hyperhidrosis

Characterizing Excessive Sweating

There are two major types of hyperhidrosis. The first one is called primary hyperhidrosis. It happens due to overactive nerves that control your sweat glands. You perspire even when you don’t need to regulate your body temperature.

Secondary hyperhidrosis, on the other hand, is caused by a medical condition. These include hyperthyroidism, menopause, stress, and obesity among many others. It is best to consult a doctor to determine your hyperhidrosis and what’s causing it.

No Sweat Solutions at Belo Medical Group

If you feel you’re suffering from excessive sweating, don’t hesitate to consult with a doctor at your nearest Belo Medical clinic. Here, you will be helped according to where you are sweating and what causing it.

Botox for your hyperhidrosis?

Yes! Botox for your underarms. Belo Medical, after all, was the first in the Philippines to introduce Botox and its many benefits.

A weak strain of Botox is injected in your underarms to inhibit your sweat glands. Multiple injections may be administered but we guarantee that you will experience little pain or discomfort.

Botox injections for excessive sweating are approved by the  Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It can also be used for other parts of the body that perspire too much. It also helps help post-menopausal women who experience excessive sweating on the head.

One session will help the patient for four to six months, and sometimes longer, depending on the person. Once the effect of the botox fades, it is safe to come back for retreatment.

How long does it take?

Each session lasts for 30-45 minutes which already includes the application of topical anesthesia and waiting for it to take effect. Effects are seen within five to seven days.

You can make excessive sweating a problem no more. Book a consultation with a Belo expert today! Call 8819-BELO (2356) or email info@belomed.com now!

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