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How Men Can Win The Fight Against Hair Loss

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 22, 2018

Hair loss is very common concern for men, so there’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed of it. The key, however, is to act before it’s too late.Keep reading to learn more about the two top options in the market today to fight against hair loss—and rest easy knowing you can gain it all back with a little effort, commitment, and preparation.

Your Hair Concern: A receding hairline and a few thinning spots

A Pro-Recommended Fix: Mesohair

An extremely effective method of regaining your hair is Belo’s Mesohair treatment, which stimulates natural hair growth.It’s a relatively uncomplicated procedure with no downtime or pain, ideal for the busy man who’s always on the go. “There’s a medicine formula we concoct, and using what we call the NappageMesotherapy technique, we inject it into the scalp to create tiny ports for the medicine to absorb into the dermal layer,” explainsDr. Joey Muñoz, associate physician at the Belo Medical Group.

The challenge? You have to be patient. “Mesotherapy is very effective and we actually do studies before we perform it on patients. It’s just that the natural hair cycle takes time, so it’s ideal to come every 1-2 weeks,” says Dr. Muñoz. All this effort will be worth it thought, since you’ll begin to see results in about 2-4 months.

Your Hair Concern: You’re balding pretty badly and want to consider a more immediate and permanent solution.

A Pro-Recommended Fix: Hair Transplant

With a hair transplant, hair is harvested from the back and sides and created into grafts, which will then be implanted on your bald spots. After a couple of weeks, sutures are removed and you’ll start noticing new hair growth after about 6 weeks. Think you’re a good candidate for this procedure? There’s a lot of preparation involved, so it’s important to schedule a consultation with your doctor. “If we see that the hairloss is hereditary, or he has a lot of stress, we adjust [our strategy],” says Dr. Muñoz.“We also have to consider also how committed the patient is to the treatment process.”

Don’t waste another day worrying about your hair! The doctors at the Belo Medical clinic can create personalized programs to help you fight hair loss, so click here to schedule your consultation now or Call 819-BELO.

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