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By Chandra Pepino For Belo Medical Group on March 11, 2021

Summer is here—judging by our increased consumption of ice cream and electricity, at least. Despite the weather changes, one thing’s remained the same: the UV rays of the sun are damaging your skin all year round. And that’s why Dr. Vicki Belo always says that sunscreen is the most important anti-aging cream ever. It’s a staple you’ll always need, like sugar or milk. So when you can get a quality sunscreen for less than sticker price, it’s always a good idea to hoard! Our FillMed E-Youth Sun Cream is at 15% off—here’s why you should add it to cart.

  1. It’s packed with moisture-boosting Vitamin E.

Yep—the “E” in E-Youth stands for none other than Vitamin E. It’s a widely known antioxidant, meaning it can fight free radicals, aka the things that cause your skin to look dull and aged. Vitamin E is also good for strengthening the skin barrier and naturally moisturizing your skin (removing the need for a moisturizer, which Dr. Belo disapproves of). 

  1. It also contains niacinamide, AKA Vitamin B3, to boost skin regeneration.

Nothing smoothes your skin surface quite like niacinamide. Its uncanny ability to speed up skin regeneration means it’s easier to slough off that dull outer layer to reveal your baby-soft skin underneath. “In its niacinamide form, the vitamin works to prevent water loss and retain skin’s moisture content. It’s also known to increase keratin. When it comes to aging skin, niacinamide improves the surface structure, helping smooth out skin’s texture and reduce the look of wrinkles,” according to Vaseline USA. Only good things! We love a multitasking sunscreen.

  1. It satisfies all of Dr. Belo’s requirements for a good sunscreen.

When we asked Dr. Belo what we should look for when choosing the best candidate for our sunscreen, she said, “SPF 50 PA+++, with Broad Spectrum coverage: UVA protection to prevent wrinkles, and UVB protection to prevent sunburn.” Let’s break that down. Dr. Belo wants you to use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of at least 50, a protection level of at least PA+++ (meaning “High UVA Protection”), and Broad Spectrum coverage, meaning it can protect from both UVA and UVB rays. Check, check, and check!

The FillMed E-Youth Sun Cream is discounted at P3,485 (from P4,100!) from now until March 31, 2021. Just enter the code SUMMERTREAT upon checkout at the Belo Shop. The discount will also apply immediately when you buy personally at any of our clinics.

Stay healthy and protected, Belo Beauties!

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