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Getting Real About Breast Lifts

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 11, 2019

The Belo Medical Group is committed to giving it to you straight: A breast lift is not for everyone. It’s a procedure developed for certain concerns and is only advised with utmost care and safety by our experts. If you want to know more, let’s discuss breast lift results and see how it compares to other breast-related procedures

Breast Lift Results: What to Expect

When characterized between breast augmentation and breast reduction, a breast lift is not about increasing or decreasing size. Breast lift is all about working with what’s in your chest area to reshape it. 

It’s made to give perkiness and contour back to your breasts. If your breasts sag, look flat or have lost volume, a breast lift can help immediately.

You can also expect that a breast lift can improve the position of your nipples and areolas. When you’re bra-less, a breast lift will make sure they don’t fall below the breast creases. 

Some patients also opt for a breast lift when one boob falls lower than the other. 

Lifted and Gifted at Belo Medical Group

A breast lift is often recommended for women whose breasts have been affected due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, gravity, and hereditary reasons. All of these factors can affect the youthful shape, bounce, and firmness of your breasts. It also reflects on how your skin loses elasticity, making it unable to support the fat tissue.

Before your Belo breast lift, you are given some pre-procedure guidelines. All of this guarantees you will be at your best before the day of the operation. It also helps get the optimum results. 

You will be required to undergo a lab test and medical evaluation. This takes into consideration your current medications and requires a mammogram to make sure you won’t be at risk during the procedure. 

You won’t be allowed to smoke, take aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements in the days leading up to your operation. 

On the day itself, you are reminded to have someone accompany and drive you to and fro the clinic. If needed, you may also need someone to stay with you overnight. 

The operation itself also called a mastopexy, is carried out by a trained and licensed Belo surgeon. Experience and sincere care back us up when doing only what is right for our patients. 

The breast lift surgery will make your chest firmer and well-supported with a sexy contour via removing excess skin. Precise and careful incisions to reshape the breast are done. Your nipples can be repositioned and areolas can be resized through excisions as well.

Recovery Time

Full recovery can take a few months, depending on the patient. Either way, your Belo surgeon will give you a complete guide for post-care. This includes avoiding exercise for six months, getting the right bras for support, and maintaining your weight. 

Your surgeon will also help you how to choose the right bra during the recovery and which ones can be used to maintain the results long after your surgery. Scars and soreness will happen over time but will eventually be gone through regular check-ups at your Belo Medical clinic. 

Are you ready to be on your ‘breast’ behavior? Book your appointment now and consult with our experts. Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here!

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