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Thinking of Getting a Light Sheer Hair Removal Treatment? Here’s Your Five-Point Checklist!

By admin on October 11, 2019

When it comes to dermatological and cosmetic treatments, it pays to educate yourself. This will help you find the right solution on top of consulting with your trusted Skin Expert. When it comes to diode laser hair removal, this is very true. You may not be familiar with its details yet but it just might be your solution to your hairy bits. 

Light Sheer Hair Removal: Five-Point Checklist

What is it: Light Sheer hair removal uses a single wavelength of light. Apart from being able to destroy the root and blood flow to the hair, it can also reduce the melanin in your target area. 

Light Sheer is capable of possessing high energy so it can remove hair effectively and be absorbed by the melanin without damaging the surrounding areas. 

This kind of laser is proven over the years and trusted by clinics worldwide. It also is advised for morena skin tones for epilation. 

What can it target: A Light Sheer can be used to remove hair in almost all parts of the body. 

It can also be used on the face, especially the upper lip and chin, neck, back, bikini area, chest, arms, and legs. 

How long it takes: Each session lasts for about thirty minutes. It can last longer depending on the number of areas you prefer to treat. 

Effectivity: You will get the best resulted after the follow-up treatment which is advised to be done after four weeks.

After-care: Right after the treatment, you will see minimum redness which will quickly subside. You can apply a cold compress if you feel any discomfort, which is often very minimal. 

Your doctor will prescribe a Laser Cream for you to use twice a day for five days. 

Take care not to be in the sun after your treatment and to always apply a sunblock of at least SPF 30. 

Do you think Light Sheer hair removal is just what you need? Consult with a Belo Skin Expert today at any Belo Medical Group clinic and find out. Email us at or call 8819-BELO (2356).

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