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How to Easily Recover After Rhinoplasty Treatment

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 8, 2018

Seeing your swollen face after Rhinoplasty might bring about a ton of buyer’s remorse, but as Dr. Nato Pascual of the Belo Medical Group says, don’t fret—swelling is very normal after undergoing any surgery, and a nose job is no exception. “On the seventh day usually, when they come back to the clinic for the removal of sutures and the cast, it’s still a little bit swollen, because the wounds are still fresh.”

Dr. Nato adds that it usually takes from three months to a year for everything to heal, depending on the patient. These self-care tips, when done religiously at home, will help you on your way to recovery.

Clean your nose. “When mucus mixes with blood, it forms a very hard crust,” Dr. Nato says. He adds that the crusting blocks the nasal airways and can cause infection. Keep your nose clean at all times, and use the nasal spray prescribed by your doctor. Dr. Nato adds, “Avoid touching your nose—your hands are dirty, so you might get an infection through that.”

Take your antibiotics. Depending on the patient, oral and topical antibiotics are given as well after surgery.

Eat healthy, but skip the strenuous exercise. “Nourishment is needed for faster healing,” Dr. Nato states. He adds that contact sports and swimming must be avoided for at least two months. “Water is a good media for bacteria, so if it goes inside the nose, it might get infected.”

Keep your head elevated. When you bend your head, there’s increased blood flow, and it will hit the incision in the nose. Dr. Nato says, “Probably just for the first three days after rhinoplasty.” It’s common sense to not sleep face down on the pillow, too—but we’re just putting it out there, just in case.

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