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Say Goodbye to Sagging, Loose Skin with Ulthera

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 13, 2019

Sagging skin is usually a sign of aging. A less noticeable jawline, drooping cheeks, saggy eyelids—loose skin on the face can make you look more tired than you really are, and can add on the years, not to mention the pounds! 

Why does it happen all of a sudden? According to Dr. Vicki Belo, the changes are all part of the aging process. “There’s this thing called ‘age spurts’, where you won’t age for four years, then suddenly you’ll age four years in one year.” She goes on to say that collagen and elastin, the proteins that are responsible for the structure of your skin, are not produced by the skin as much as we continue to age. “You lose one percent of collagen for every year you’re alive,” Says Dr. Belo, “When you’re born, you have 100 percent collagen. When you’re 32, you have 32 percent less collagen,”  The lack of collagen and elastin production is one of the primary reasons behind the sagging and loose skin you see on your face. 

So what is there to do to tighten skin on your face? While there are invasive procedures that will help you achieve it, Ulthera is quickly becoming the procedure de jour to get a tighter, slimmer face because of its non-invasiveness, minimal downtime, and impressive results. 

Why Ulthera? 

Dr. March Babaran says that Ulthera is a “microfocused ultrasound-based machine that makes your skin contract, so the targeted skin contours, lifts, and defines your face.” Popular as an anti-aging treatment, sound waves are delivered via an ultrasound applicator, hitting points underneath the skin to help collagen and elastin to produce again, and because of it, it tightens and lifts the area right away. The non-invasive procedure takes around 45 minutes, and can be done on the cheeks, jawline, neck, and brow area. Optimal results will be seen in around three months, but Dr. Belo says that you’ll see a noticeable difference right after the procedure. The best part? You only need to undergo Ulthera every once a year!

Time to tighten up and turn back the years with Ulthera! For more about the procedure, click here to make a booking, or call 819-BELO (2356).

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