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How to Get Rid of Stretchmarks For Good

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 23, 2019

WStretchmarks seem to be a daily reminder of your past self. Maybe you were pregnant a few months or years ago, and the stretchmarks make you remember of those times. Or perhaps you were bringing around extra weight before, and when you lost it, those stretchmarks took its place. It also happens to those who undergo bodybuilding, because of the rapid, sometimes drastic, changes in their body. 

The cause of stretchmarks is usually because of your skin overstretching to its limit, to the point that the usual elasticity of your skin can’t handle the stress on it. Stretchmarks usually look like a discolored line on your skin, and usually found in body parts that have lost weight—think the stomach area, buttocks, or thighs. 

While more often than not, clothing covers up those parts, simply knowing that you have stretchmarks can take a toll on your body image. While topical creams and ointments claim that they could make stretchmarks disappear, in all honesty, they don’t work as well as the surgical route. 

How can it be treated? 

Belo Medical Group offers several treatments to target stretchmarks. Depending on your consultation with a Belo doctor, he or she may advise on different treatments. But if you’re looking for a revolutionary treatment that will get rid of stretchmarks for good, the Fraxel Laser might be a great route. Using an Erbium glass laser, it targets the stretchmarks without damaging the surrounding skin. It allows the skin to heal so much faster because it utilizes your own body’s healing process to create new, healthy tissue. A million points of light is emitted from the laser, and the laser passes through the area several times. But don’t worry—the treatment takes about 30 minutes to an hour, and you’ll need around 5 to 6 sessions, a session every 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the area. 

While the treatment is painful, a local cream anesthetic will be applied before the treatment, or you can be sedated. The best thing though about the treatment is there’s minimal to no downtime. The area will simply look red and swollen, and will last for hours or 3 days, maximum. 

Ready to banish those stretchmarks away? Click here to make a booking, or call 819-BELO (2356).

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