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Want Glamorous Glowing Skin?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 11, 2018

We have all gone through an awkward stage in our lives but for many of us, it never seemed to go away. Many of us can relate to having uneven skin tone, while others complain about dark pigmentations. Some feel like their skin looks terribly tired and dull, lacks moisture and glow, and that they can’t leave the house without covering it with makeup! So many beauty woes that sometimes we question ourselves: What is wrong with my skin?

Finding Your Light

The honest truth is, lighting has a lot to do with beauty. For example, when you take a selfie, isn’t the first thing that you do is find the best lighting and your angle? Proper lighting and a well-lit face can make you look young and beautiful, while poor lighting does the opposite. But what if the light comes from within you? What if you have that natural-looking glamorous glowing skin? Now, that’s the #ultimateskingoal!

That said, a radiant complexion that seems to glow from the inside-out is a sign of youthful, healthy-looking skin—and every Filipino deserves that skin. With the help of the Belo Lumina System, you can say goodbye to your lackluster skin, and hello to clear and bright skin that you’ve always dreamt of!

One Size Does not Fit All

Everybody is different, and so is our skin—we have different skin types, skin concerns, and skin goals. Before you try anything, it’s best to understand the needs of your skin and what you want to achieve; and we can say, reaching your beauty goals isn’t impossible.

Belo Medical Group believes that skin care solutions should be modified to your personal needs such as this Belo Lumina System. It takes pride in customizing treatments that are tailor fit to your lifestyle and beauty goals, so there’s no need to worry about wasting efforts (and money!) of experimenting on treatments that would work on you!

To achieve the radiant-looking skin you’re after, the doctor will assess your skin and concerns, and recommend the ideal treatments for you. This comprehensive program includes oral capsules, intravenous drips like Cinderella Drip, exfoliating body treatments such as Wet and Dry Dermabrasion and Madonna Oxylight for the face, laser treatments like Angel Whitening, and topical creams.

Uneven skin tone, pigmentations, dry skin will vanish to reveal a complexion that is smoother, brighter, more even, and gleams from within. Once you’ve reached your #ultimateskingoals, you can already confidently face everyone bare-faced and flaunt your irresistible gorgeous glow (sans highlighter)!

Want to know more about the Belo Lumina System? Click here to schedule a consultation at any Belo Medical Group clinic in the Philippines or call 819-BELO (2356).

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