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What Are Belo’s Best Anti-Aging Facials?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 13, 2020

We often assume that the only way to include ‘anti-aging’ in our beauty treatments is to go for procedures that involve radiofrequency, ultrasound, or microneedling. And while the likes of Thermage FLX and SkinGenius do deliver amazing results, sometimes we’re: (1) not candidates for the treatments as we’re too young or have medical complications; or (2) are working with a budget and can’t really commit to such a beauty plan. And that’s perfectly all right, because Belo’s stellar selection of facials also encourage anti-aging effects of their own. Want to know which one suits your needs best? Read on.

1. For a quick tone-up: Contouring Facial

If you’re in your early 20s, you don’t actually need to invest too intensely on anti-aging, though it’s good to take your first preventative steps. As they say, better than cure. This quick facial combines acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and muscle stimulation, all rolled into one ultra-relaxing massage that’s meant to tone the skin and keep it nice and lifted. The best part? You can do this every week if you want!

2. For the collagen-obsessed: LuminoVitaGlow

Been taking collagen supplements religiously and wanna take things to the next level? Try this potent procedure that combines the gentle exfoliation of a gluconolactone peel, the ultimate collagen-boosting powers of NCTF (New Cellular Treatment Factor), and the prowess of good ol’ LED photorejuvenation. This helps make the collagen production in your skin more consistent and efficient, which naturally results in younger-looking skin. Sold? Sold.

3. For those who want to treat acne, too: Salt Facial

“Sometimes, we have more than one skin concern, okay?!” Yes, we hear ya loud and clear! The Salt Facial manages to turn back the hands of time using all-natural sea salt as an exfoliant. Then comes facial cleaning, the application of glycolic or mandelic acid, the lathering of stem cell-rich gel via ultrasound, and LED light therapy to seal the deal. All these steps work together to give you skin that is noticeably clearer, more matte, and definitely smoother. 

4. For those who need hydration: Hydrafacial

Hydration is extremely important to help delay the early signs of aging. Why do you think we’re always telling you to drink water? It’s all about the H20, girl. The HydraFacial aids in anti-aging by lifting away dead skin cells (using that ASMR-worthy vacuum tip). And not only that, it bathes the underlying skin cells with the serums it needs to be at its best. 

5. For those who want a luxurious all-around treatment: Madonna Oxylight Facial

There’s a reason Madonna, who is 61 and looks 51, completely approves of this procedure having her namesake. The six-step treatment pulls out all the stops. A diamond dermabrasion exfoliates painlessly. A dual application of serums pumps up the skin with moisture and nutrients. Then, an oxygen spray encourages circulation and increases hydration even more. That’s followed by an ultrasound treatment with Biosonix Sapphire 3, which promotes cell renewal and increases absorption of all previously applied ingredients. Thought it was over? Not quite yet…next up is Myolight ELD microcurrent, which provides deep contouring and toning. Finally, we end with the Oxylight MWD, which is an LED treatment meant to boost collagen production. This results in supple, rejuvenated skin from which signs of fatigue and lackluster have been lifted away. This is perfect for those who need to be very serious about their anti-aging measures.

It’s clear that no matter what your concern is, Belo has a solution for you. To move further into your anti-aging journey, you may consult with our doctors via Belo Live Consultations or by booking an appointment with our branches here. When it comes to anti-aging, we’re the experts you can trust. Let’s get you closer to the skin you truly deserve.  

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