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What Is Arm Liposuction?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 24, 2018

What Is Arm Liposuction? Liposuction is an art. While any doctor can be medically trained to remove fat from the body, not all doctors have an eye for fat removal that will result in a beautifully toned, balanced, and sculpted-looking body.

“Anyone can suction, but toning, balancing, and sculpting the body is an art,” says Dr. Marilou Babaran, medical operations head of the Belo Medical Group. “That’s why we don’t do an all-in liposuction,” where the entire body goes under liposuction in one session, “but we focus on certain areas instead,” she adds.

One of those areas is the arms—a notorious spot for stubborn fat that, sometimes, even the most stringent of diets and workouts cannot get rid of. Belo Arm Liposuction, a procedure that uses a unique two-pronged method to remove fat in the arms, is one of the best ways to target this specific problem area. “It’s a surgical and a laser-assisted procedure,” explains Dr. Guada Santos-Capiz, associate physician at the Belo Medical Group. Unlike other clinics that proceed straight to liposuction, Belo doctors first melt the fat using a laser. After melting, that’s when the suction of the fat happens next.

The procedure also uses what Belo doctors call a “360-degree liposuction approach,” meaning fat removal isn’t only limited to the arms. This means that the fat in surrounding areas, such as the wings, back, and even the forearms, can also be removed in order to achieve the most balanced and proportioned look for the body. “We’ll work on each section—the arms, wings, back, or forearm—in one liposuction session,” says Dr. Babaran.

Considering going for Belo Arm Liposuction? Here’s everything you need to know from your first consultation up until the recovery period.

Step One: The Consultation

“First, you come in for a consultation with a Belo doctor to determine if this is the right procedure for you,” says Dr. Santos-Capiz. “If it is, the doctor will suggest which areas will need liposuction.”

Belo Arm Liposuction is a most effective, minimally-invasive procedure to get rid of stubborn fat in the arms that cannot be removed even with dieting, exercise, or non-surgical treatments. It is best done when you’re in your mid 20s to your early 30s, since the skin is more elastic at this time. However, patients who do not fall within this age range can still be a candidate for the procedure, based on the doctor’s recommendation.

Apart from examining you and taking your medical history, expect tests such as an X-ray and ECG to be done. In addition, your heart, liver, and lungs will be checked because the procedure involves anesthesia. The doctor will also discuss your intentions for wanting liposuction to determine if you are psychologically ready to go through it.

Step Two: Prep Time

Once the doctor determines that you are fit in all aspects to go through Belo Arm Liposuction, the procedure will be scheduled. On the day of the procedure, you will be required to fast for six hours, refraining from taking any food or drink.

When you’re in the clinic, pictures will be taken right before the procedure for documentation purposes and markings will be done on the areas where fat will be removed to guide the doctors during surgery.

Morissette Amon before arm liposuction
Morissette Amon after arm liposuction

Morissette is the latest celebrity who has undergone the laser-assisted, arm liposuction procedure at Belo.

Step Three: The Procedure

“Arm liposuction usually takes an hour to an hour and a half,” says Dr. Santos-Capiz. Before sedation, a local anesthesia will be administered via the smallest possible incisions at on different points on the arm area, shoulders, and back. “We call it tumescent anesthesia,” Dr. Santos-Capiz explains. That’s placed in the area for liposuction to prepare the fat. Then, we’ll melt it with the laser and do suction after.” If you want to focus on toning loose skin, ask your Belo surgeon if they can also perform BodyTite immediately after your liposuction. This procedure, which uses radio frequency technology, can help tighten loose, sagging skin and improve your arms’ shape and elasticity.

Step Four: Recovery

Immediately after the procedure, you will visibly see that your arms are much smaller. That’s the size you can expect them to look after the recovery period, or even smaller if you continue a healthy diet and exercise habit. Recovery starts as soon as you wake up, and your first two weeks post-op will be crucial. How well you take care of yourself during recovery will determine the effectivity of the procedure. Here’s what you can anticipate:

Right after the procedure. “When you wake up after the procedure, the area will be wrapped. From the incisions where the anesthesia was placed, you can expect excess anesthesia, blood, and fatty acids to come out for 24 to 48 hours,” Dr. Santos-Capiz explains. Sanitary pads will be placed on those incisions to help absorb what drips out and should be changed regularly. Patients are also scheduled to come in for a check-up around 3 to 7 days after their surgery.

One week post-op. “You have to wear a binder that looks like a bolero for 24 hours for seven days,” says Dr. Santos-Capiz. This binder significantly helps with shaping your arms. “There will also be some prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers that you can take at home.” What’s great about having your arm liposuction at Belo is that “our nurses will also call to check up on you.” This way, you can easily relay any concerns or questions you may have as you recover.

Two weeks post-op. “After one week, there will be an ultrasound. This treatment can help with circulation and decreases swelling caused by trauma,” explains Dr. Santos-Capiz. “The height of swelling is usually from day two to five.” You will also need to continue wearing your binder, but this time, just for 12 hours each day.

Ruffa Gutierrez before arm liposuction
Ruffa Gutierrez before arm liposuction

Ruffa Gutierrez is also one of the stars who’s had #BeloArmLiposuction.

What else to expect. Scarring and loose skin can happen, but this can be easily fixed. Says Dr. Santos-Capiz, “Among Filipinos, wounds tend to darken first before healing. But Belo takes care of this right away, as well as any scarring or keloids.” If scarring happens, this isn’t cause for worry, because this is a “normal healing mechanism,” Dr. Santos-Capiz assures.

“Immediately post-lipo, we can also do a body tightening treatment. We will put a device where the incisions are, and this releases energy that will contract the skin from within,” she explains. Again, if you see loose skin after your procedure, it’s also nothing to be worried about because in 80% to 90% of patients, the skin cannot contract on its own. A non-surgical tightening treatment that the Belo Medical Group recommends post-op is Exilis, which can also help blast cellulite.

Another recovery tip that Belo doctors highly encourage is simply moving. No need to exercise the area specifically right away—this can cause pain and derail healing—but you can take a walk or do cardio to encourage circulation in the body, which helps with reducing swelling. Finally, to maintain the exceptional results of your Belo Arm Liposuction, support it with a healthy diet and regular exercise, which will also contribute to your overall wellness.

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