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Why Baby Lip Fillers Are The Next Big Thing

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 19, 2018

Would you rather have lips like Kylie Jenner or princess-to-be Meghan Markle?

According to the latest beauty reports, more and more women are asking for Baby Fillers to get the Markle effect—a fuller pout that doesn’t dominate the entire face. But what are Baby Fillers exactly? They’re made of the same components as your chosen Dermal Fillers, but the main difference is that “it’s going to be very little in terms of quantity,” says. Dr. Vicki Belo of The Belo Medical Group. “The goal is to look prettier, but nobody will know that you had your lips done. We go for natural—not over-filled lips where [the skin] stretches too much.”

Belo Baby Fillers before and after treatment in the philippines

Subtle changes, big results. Look how Baby Fillers were able to make the lips appear more even and full!

Getting Started

With cosmetic procedures like Baby Fillers, it’s always best to start with a consultation so the doctor can assess the best approach for your lips. For model and host Bianca Valerio, Dr. Belo recommended that she try this treatment since her lower lip was thicker and the line on her upper lip wasn’t as defined anymore. “What’s happening is her lips are ruling in, so we need to open that up,” says Dr. Belo. “She also has a beginning line [under the corner of her mouth] that’s pulling her face down, so we need to put [filler] support there also. Once we do that, she’ll have more kissable and luscious lips.”

Dr. Belo treats host Bianca Valerio for a Baby Fillers treatment

Dr. Belo measures Bianca’s lips with a caliper to help her achieve the coveted golden ratio for facial symmetry.

What An Actual Procedure Is Like

“The nice thing about our lips is that when you put fillers like hyaluronic acid, it absorbs water more and makes your lips appear less dry and more pink,” says Dr. Belo. After topical anesthesia is applied to numb the area, a little lip vibrator is covered with a plastic glove and placed around the area where they will be injecting. “We’re trying to distract from the pain,” explains Dr. Belo. “If you put a vibration close by, [you distract the nerve pathways] of the body so the patient won’t really feel what we’re doing.”

Host Bianca Valerio's lips after getting a Baby Filler Treatment from Belo in the Philippines

Gorgeous and confident! We’re loving Bianca’s fuller, kissable lips.

What Else You Should Know

With lip fillers, you can expect some swelling because of the pricking of the needle. It’s nothing to worry about since it usually goes away after a few days and applying ice can help. If there is minor bruising or dryness, you can cover up any marks easily with makeup and address any flaking with lip balm. It can take around a week before you can see the effects of lip fillers, so always schedule a follow-up consultation around this time. “During my follow-up, more fillers [had to be] injected to even out my left side. I waited for the full effect in 7 days and my lips are now even and are a size that is still natural, but fuller,” shares Bianca. “This type of procedure is really perfect for those who are testing the waters. I think the gradual approach is always best if you want a more natural-looking effect.”

Interested in getting Baby Fillers here in the Philippines? Call 819-BELO to schedule a consultation at any Belo Medical Group Clinics or read more about our Botox and Fillers treatments.









IMAGE: Meghan Markle via

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