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6 Benefits of 360° Liposuction

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 29, 2019

Having a beach-ready body isn’t just for the summer—why not have it all year round? 360° Liposuction makes your body goals a reality. It melts the fat, getting through up to six inches of skin—and the more inches that the diode laser can get into the body, the more fat can be melted and removed in one go! Find out its benefits here!

BENEFIT 1: Since the fat has been “melted” or liquefied, more fat can be removed in just one procedure. It can be done all over the body—and face!
When it comes to liposuction, the usual problem areas you instantly think of is the stomach area, but 360 Degrees Liposuction goes beyond the abdomen, waist, and hips area. It can also be done in the arms and “wings”, using the Belo 360 approach. Such an approach means fat can be melted off from the entire circumference of your arm, giving it a more naturally slim look. Beyond these, 360 Degrees Liposuction can also be done at the back, forearms, your calves, even your chin and face!

BENEFIT 2: Using smaller instruments means your skin will contract faster.
Belo doctors use a thin cannula with 360 Degrees Liposuction. A cannula is a tube that is inserted in the body, usually along with a needle or for effective suctioning of liquids. When the cannula is thin, the scar will hardly be noticeable. Smaller instruments allow the liposurgeon to come closer to the skin, helping the folds of the skin to disappear faster.

BENEFIT 3: There’s “biostimulation” going on.
Because of the procedure, the skin’s elasticity is stimulated, helping the skin contract back faster compared to previous liposuction procedures.

BENEFIT 4: You bleed less.
360 Degrees Liposuction is still a medical procedure, which means there will be blood. But due to the heat coming from the laser, it will help constrict the blood vessels, making smart liposuction less bloody compared to regular liposuction.

BENEFIT 5: Downtime is faster.
While you need to take a day off from work during the procedure, Belo doctors say that those who undergo 360 Degrees Liposuction experience less pain and bruising, state that 80% of their patients return to work after a mere two days! After that, you’ll need to wear a binder for the first week after the procedure, and for 12 hours for the second week. This is to make sure that the skin will contract back and in better form, to keep the area firm, and to prevent sagging.

BENEFIT 6: The fat that is removed will never come back!
Helpful tidbit: After you hit puberty, you do not create new fat cells! But how is it that you gain weight, then? That’s when the fat cells you have expand. So yes, smart liposuction will remove the targeted fat cells permanently, but you still need the self-discipline to maintain it.

Ready to see the body you’ve always dreamed of? Let’s talk more about 360° Liposuction and your options. Click here to make a booking or call 819-BELO (2356).

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