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10 Belo Babies Who Have Tried (And Love!) Thermage FLX

If there’s one cosmetic procedure that can seemingly turn back the hands of time, it’s Thermage FLX. That’s because it’s…

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About Belo Medical Group

Belo Medical Group has been the number one medical aesthetic ambulatory clinic in the Philippines for over 30 years and counting. Since then, it has pioneered many beauty breakthroughs of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. It’s the first aesthetic clinic to bring Picosure, Lutronic GENIUS, Thermage, ADVATx and more to the Philippines.

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Discover excellence at Belo Medical Group, the first and only Philippine clinic accredited by the prestigious and globally known National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) International.
Belo Medical Group is also the first to be officially certified as an Ambulatory Clinic by the Department of Tourism, paving the way for the Philippines in medical tourism and offering world-class services to clients worldwide.
Moreover, we have been recognized as the Medical Aesthetic Clinic of the Year by Compare Retreats for their Luxury and Wellness awards in 2024 and awarded Healthcare Insights Company of the Year 2024 for Cosmetic Surgery.


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Elevate your Look:

Achieve a naturally lifted appearance as Thermage FLX stimulates collagen production, providing a subtle yet noticeable lift to sagging skin.



Firm & Smooth:

Experience firmer, smoother skin as Thermage FLX tightens loose areas, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look.

Sculpt & Define:

Enhance your natural contours with Thermage FLX, which helps sculpt and define facial and body features, resulting in a more toned and refined appearance.


Michelle Marquez - Dee

What I love about Thermage FLX is that it works with what God has already given me and it’s just amplifying those things that I need a little bit of help with. Thermage FLX helped me become confident about those things that I used to try to hide.

Dr. Vicki Belo

The best thing about Thermage FLX is you don’t have to do it exclusively for the face. You can do it in your arms, tummy, calves... because as you get older, [your skin] sags. Everything lifts up when you do Thermage FLX.

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Absolutely! Thermage FLX uses advanced RF technology to stimulate collagen production, delivering visible and long-lasting skin tightening results. Results from Thermage FLX can last up to 10-12 months, thanks to the stimulation of new collagen production.

Though many of our Belo doctors recommend doing this only once a year, it’s still best to discuss with them during your consultation your aesthetic goals. The number of sessions will also depend on your skin’s condition, among other factors.

None! Thermage FLX is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime nor side effects, allowing you to continue your day seamlessly post-treatment. Though some patients have experienced redness; this eventually subsides.

Yes, Thermage FLX is clinically tested and safe for all skin types, effectively addressing various skin concerns with our RF technology.

Compared to other RF treatments, Thermage FLX’s non-invasive technique ensures maximum comfort with minimal discomfort, making the experience relaxing and pleasant. Patients can feel a heat sensation during the treatment, but we have numbing options available such as topical anesthesia (emla).

You will notice an immediate enhancement in skin tightness and texture right after your first Thermage FLX session, though very subtle. It may take a bit of time to unveil, around 2-3 months. Over time, your collagen production will improve, and the results will improve from there!

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