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Get Rid of Dark Underarms and Chicken Skin with These 2 Treatments

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 2, 2020

We all know the struggle of unwanted underarm pigmentation and chicken skin. They can really put a damper on a much-awaited beach day or a strapless, sleeveless moment. Luckily, 11.11 is your chance to get Buy One Get One deals on both treatments!

Angel Whitening Underarms is a celeb go-to, and for very good reason. Known globally as the Fotona Starwalker laser machine, it targets melanin deposits to lighten skin and even out skin tone, all without damaging the skin surrounding the pigment. 

During the quick procedure, you’ll experience gentle warm snaps on the skin as the device is glided over the treatment area. There’s no downtime, but you may experience mild redness, which only lasts for a few minutes. Then, enjoy your new even-tone underarms!

Skin Master Botanicals, on the other hand, uses targeted mechanical and electrical energy to exfoliate, moisturize, clear, and invigorate underarms. With the use of technologies like ultrasonic waves, Lotti microcurrent, and micro diode laser, it addresses pesky chicken skin in as short as six sessions! During your treatment, expect dead skin cells and excess oil to be removed cleanly, only to be left with hydrated, deeply cleansed, and soothed underarm skin. As they say, it’s what she deserves.

Don’t waste another second being ashamed of dark, chicken-skinned underarms. With Angel Whitening and Skin Master Botanicals for that delicate area, you can go sleeveless confidently in weeks!

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