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6 Songs to Add to Your Valentine’s Evening Playlist

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 11, 2021

Just in case you needed new tracks to drive around with, make out to, go on a date by… yeah, we got you this Valentine’s Day. Without further ado:

  1. I Believe – Jonas Brothers

This romantic track by the Jonas Brothers reminds us all why we used to be fans during their Disney Channel days. They still know how to make us swoon.

Our favorite line: ‘Cause you show me something / I can’t live without / And I believe, I believe, I believe when you hold me / It’s like Heaven coming down

Stream it here.

  1. Diving – Bridgit Mendler, RKCB

There’s only one way to describe a song like this: ‘creamy.’ The vocals remind us of melting vanilla ice cream, and we could just sink into that chorus. It’s a perfect makeout track, TBH.

Our favorite line: No one says your / Name in circles that I keep / But it’s the same three blocks / And the same two streets

Stream it here.

  1. Would You (Acoustic) – The Vamps

The Vamps are normally a pop-rock band, but this acoustic version of a well-loved single keeps them high on our favorites list. We’re in love with this song, even if it’s lyrically a tragic breakup ballad. 

Our favorite line: I’ve played games enough to see through a lie / And I wonder how you talk ’bout us / Do you light up when you start to speak? / If I even cross your mind at all

Stream it here.

  1. Seoul (prod. HONNE) – RM

The charismatic leader of the wildly successful boy band BTS released a solo mixtape, mono, in 2018. This song is a love letter to Seoul, South Korea, the city RM has come to call home since BTS debuted in 2013. It captures that feeling of urban ennui—hating and yet loving a city, recognizing its filth and flaws but also remaining in awe of its endless bustle. It’s perfect for a V-Day evening drive.

Our favorite line: Why do you sound like ‘soul’? / What kind of soul is it that you have? / What holds me back by your side like this? / I don’t even have anything to reminisce about you / I’m so sick of you now / That same old ashy face of yours every day / No, no, I’m afraid of myself /’Cause I’ve already become a part of you

Stream it here.

  1. Maybe You’re the Reason – The Japanese House

This track is about a person on the cusp of depression trying to find meaning in life, but every time she tries to dive deeper into her existential crisis, she’s distracted by thoughts of the person she loves. What is it about being in love that makes us so… distracted… anyway? It’s a cloud of procrastination we never want to leave. 

Our favorite line: And I think I’m dying / ‘Cause this can’t be living / Should I be searching for some kind of meaning? / Apathy’s a funny feeling

Stream it here.

  1. Heat Waves – Glass Animals

Summer is often associated with the beginning of an exciting new fling, but heartbreak happens when it’s hot, too. Moreso in the Philippines, where it’s sweltering year-round. (Oof.) Anyways, this sounds like a diary entry of somebody who’s desperately trying to move on, but just can’t. Relatable if you ask us, and perfect for chilling in the evening.

Our favorite line: Sometimes, all I think about is you / Late nights in the middle of June / Heat waves been faking me out / Can’t make you happier now

Stream it here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Belo Beauties! We hope you have a great one!

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