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Anne Curtis is A Work of Art in Her Belo Comeback Campaign

Beauty and art are two concepts that often intersect in culture and society—they provoke thought, invoke emotion, and define entire eras. And to celebrate a multimedia artist like Anne Curtis, we wanted to present her as one would a priceless sculpture in an art gallery: larger-than-life, set against a stunning backdrop, and bathed in beautiful light for the world to witness and appreciate. For her comeback campaign as one of our most loyal Belo Babies, she deserves only the best.

Since her meteoric rise when she was discovered in her teens, Anne Curtis’ star power has never wavered—and she’s built for herself an impressive career, spanning music, movies, television, and countless endorsements with local and global brands alike. On top of it all, she’s fully embraced her new role as a mom and a businesswoman. After a two-year break to take care of her daughter, Dahlia, she’s finally found her groove and is ready to re-prioritize. “Dahlia is a bit older now so I’m now able to have some self care days away from home,” she shares. “I think I’ve always believed that beauty should start from within—being content [and] happy with yourself,” Anne shares. “But it doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself. An extra effort to have some self-care days, I’m all for that. And that’s why I’ve stayed with Belo because they always come up with new treatments that will add to your confidence and add to the days that you’re feeling beautiful.”

Dr. Belo has always thought of her craft as an art, with herself and her doctors being the artists, their machines and tools the paintbrushes, and their patients as their canvas. For busybodies like Anne for whom weekly visits to Belo aren’t always possible, we introduce the versatile Renova Powerfacial. This powerful solution combines the benefits of four treatments in a single session, boasting jet-powered crystal dermabrasion to exfoliate skin and address texture issues, electroporation for improved skin tone, central-focused ultrasound (CFU) for skin tightening and lifting, and infrared laser for hastened skin recovery. In other words, it’s like having a Glass Skin Facial, Powerpeel, Inara, and “baby Ulthera” in one easy go!

Anne’s preference for a hybrid-style procedure like the Renova Powerfacial is proof that she is a multitasking wonder who can prioritize her well-being while juggling all her other roles in life with ease. As a woman who manages to be beautiful and empowered at the same time. For Dr. Vicki Belo’s part, her artistic eye that has been cultivated for the past 32 years manages to find the perfect balance for every individual she comes across. Her unique understanding of what is beautiful and inspiring is what separates her from the rest. The artistic gift of Dr. Belo may not be in the conventional way of painting or sculpting. But, in seeing her patients as canvases, she is able to mold them so that they may become elevated versions of themselves on the outside and give them a boost in confidence from the inside. Once this metamorphosis is achieved, Dr. Belo says she feels immense joy because aside from giving her patients a physical transformation, she is able to somehow equip them with the confidence to make life changing decisions, stand up for what they believe in, and take calculated risks that allow them to live the lives they truly want to live.

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