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Belo-It-Yourself with These At-Home Skincare Kits!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 31, 2020

We may be under General Community Quarantine, but it’s still safer to still stay at home as much as possible, until the pandemic has truly come to an end. But that doesn’t mean you have to put self-care on the backburner. In fact, being at home 24/7 is the perfect time to get in touch with your beauty goals. That’s why we created the Belo-It-Yourself (BIY) kits: seven specially-made starter packs for every skin concern! From dark underarms to sun damage to rough, dull skin and more, there’s a BIY kit for you. Let’s get to know each of the eight kits below!

To lighten dark underarms: Belo Armpit Perfecting Kit

Dark underarms are most often caused by irritation, either from shaving or using a deodorant that is harsh on your particular skin type. Shaving, rubbing, and scratching can all irritate your delicate underarm skin, and that reaction can lead to an increase in melanin production causing hyperpigmentation. The easy-to-use Belo Armpit Perfecting Kit contains two beloved items from the Belo arsenal: 

All you have to do is apply the Tyrosinase Inhibitor on the area after bathing and applying your antiperspirant. Wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed, then you can go in with your Illuminating Cream. Repeat this twice daily, and you’ll see results in a few weeks! 

Get it for P3,800 here at The Belo Shop.

For baby-soft skin from head to toe: Belo Body Scrub On-The-Glow Kits (Illuminating and Radiance)

Aside from sheet masks or massages, there’s one more thing you can DIY while in GCQ: an exfoliating body scrub. And for that, nothing’s better than the Belo On-The-Glow Kits. This is the at-home version of the Body Scrub with Bleach that you’ve come to love at our clinics—we’re making it available to you so you can slough off the buildup of dead skin cells on your body. 

Your spa kit contains:

Just light a scented candle, put on some spa music, and mix the Sea Salt Scrub and Base Oil in a sealable container. Apply in gentle circular motions, then rinse off. While skin is damp post-shower, apply the Illuminating Cream or Body Radiance Cream…and you’re baby-smooth!

Get the Illuminating variant for P9,800 here at The Belo Shop.

Get the Radiance variant for P9,800 here at The Belo Shop.

To brighten pigmentation caused by acne scars and sun damage: Belo Face Brightening Kit 

Kojic acid is an ingredient familiar to many—like glutathione and papaya soap, it’s made its merry way into drugstore and supermarket aisles. But don’t mistake its wide availability for inefficiency—kojic acid is one of the most powerful lightening agents in skincare. That’s why it’s the star of our all-new Belo Face Brightening Kit! This four-step lightening routine contains:

Do this routine every morning and night, and you’ll see results in just a few weeks! It’s the perfect way to begin your quarantine glowup, so that when you emerge, you’ll be as beautiful as a butterfly!

Get it for P3,555 here at The Belo Shop.

For a Belo-quality facial at home: Belo Hydrating Facial Kit

Hydration is a misunderstood process. Some slather on thick layers of moisturizer to compensate for the dryness they feel. But Dr. Vicki Belo doesn’t believe in using outside layers to moisturize; she recommends that you hydrate the skin from the inside out. The key is to use ingredients that naturally retain water, for real hydration! That’s why we created the Belo Hydrating Facial Kit, which contains:

Steps 1 and 2 are mainly to prep your skin for maximum absorption of the nutrients in the Hyaluronic Acid Mask. That’s it! A simple 2-3 step routine that will give you the well-hydrated glass skin you’ve always wanted.

Get it for P7,770 here at The Belo Shop.

For stubborn dark spots like the groin, knees, armpits, and inner thighs: Belo Illuminating System

“Since I started my practice 30 years ago, my number one request [from patients] is…whitening of the armpits, the singit, and [to] have the same color throughout the body, you guessed right,” said Dr. Belo in an IGTV video. Her favorite kit from our BIY series is the Belo Illuminating System, which is expertly curated to improve dark spots, uneven skin tones, and dull-looking skin all over the body. Your kit contains:

  • one 135-g bar of Belo Illuminating Soap, which contains snail mucin and salicylic acid to repair and hydrate the skin while gently exfoliating
  • one 250-g jar of Belo Illuminating Cream, powered by brightening agents like Alpha Arbutin and Liquorice to decrease the formation of melanin in the body

You can do this routine up to two times a day during (for the soap) and after your shower (for the cream). This combination treatment may cause drying of skin for some people. To prevent this, we recommend the use of a base oil to keep skin soft and smooth. You should see results in a few weeks, and they’ll get better if you keep up the routine for longer!

Get it for P3,900 here at The Belo Shop.

To reverse early signs of aging: Belo Rx Signature Kit


This particular kit is a product of 30 years of experience in treating Asian skin. This simple-to-use system is a must for skin that feels rough, looks dull, or is troubled by fine lines, age/sun spots, dullness, and other signs of aging. This results-oriented treatment plan includes:

DISCLAIMER: The Belo Rx Signature Kit requires a doctor’s prescription prior to purchase. Kindly book a Belo Online Consultation here before adding this product to cart!

Get it for P5,000 here at The Belo Shop.

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need, head to The Belo Shop to bring the Belo experience home to you! The starter packs are up to us…but now, it’s time to Belo-It-Yourself! 

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