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Global Icon Bryanboy’s Secret to Perfect Skin is Belo Virtue RF

Bryanboy is known and revered globally for his distinct personal style, fashion expertise, and social media prowess. With his combined following of a staggering four million on TikTok, 529,000 on Twitter, 600,000 on Facebook, and 830,000 on Instagram—and the veritable splash he created as a prominent figure at the recently-concluded Milan Fashion Week—millions are awaiting Bryanboy’s next move. But one thing that’s remained consistent through the decades is his loyalty to only one beauty clinic: Belo. And today, he graces EDSA and takes over our social media platforms as Belo’s newest endorser for the powerful Virtue RF.

“My first encounter with Dr. Belo was back when I was 17 years old. You know, I used to be a patient at her Alabang clinic, and I used to suffer from cystic acne. And I remember she prescribed me this skincare program which really changed my skin—and my life,” Bryanboy shares. “So I’ve been going to her for about 23 years. And I’m just a loyal, huge fan.”

Through the years, Bryanboy has been open about his beauty journey. When asked about what he’s tried at Belo, he gamely replies, “Everything from facials to—you know, when I was younger, basically skincare and facials. And then when I got slightly older, I kind of needed a tweak, so everything from Botox and fillers. I’ve done threads, I’ve done rhino…I like to experiment, you know!” And as his star rose in the United States and all over the world, his beauty journey elevates along with him. Now, his new favorite is Virtue RF, a revolutionary treatment that combines the best qualities of radiofrequency and microneedling, for the angular, contoured, V-shaped face of one’s dreams.

Despite having access to aesthetic clinics in the US, Bryanboy makes it a point to come home to Belo. “I think the reason I always go back to the Philippines, and to Dr. Belo specifically, is the level of care that I receive and the trust that I have in her,” he says. “[Dr. Belo is] an incredibly busy woman with a beauty empire, but she makes sure that her doctors treat me well and they take care of me. Everyone at the Belo Team has been exceptional over these past few decades. So I only trust Belo.”

The parallel between Bryanboy’s journey to success in the fashion world and Dr. Belo’s own journey to becoming a trusted dermatology authority is incredibly easy to spot—both used their strengths and worked hard to create a name for themselves and inspire others to do the same. Bryanboy and Belo are impactful names that have stood the test of time, and nothing spells iconic more than that.

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