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Put Your #FreshFaceForward with Skin Reboot

Today’s digital age means anyone can be a content creator, so it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. And one talented girl has managed to do just that—Belo’s newest ambassador, rising social media queen Francine Diaz. As the newest face of Belo’s Skin Reboot treatment, Francine takes the lead in helping young women everywhere embrace 2022 with a fresh start…both inside and out.

Francine Diaz flaunts her refreshed, contoured, and lifted face in her latest photoshoot with us—check out these photos to see her amazing post-Skin Reboot results.

francine diaz skin reboot endorser

What’s unique about Skin Reboot is that it is capable of carrying vitamin-infused products into skin cells. Ideal for all ages, “it suits patients who usually have great skin to start, but still want to maintain the quality of their skin and want to look as if they get restful sleep for 12 hours a day or just want to look fresh,” according to Dr. Aron Go, Associate Physician at Belo. The result: refreshed, contoured, and lifted skin.

Aware that there are harder and bolder decisions to be made for her career and her personal life beyond her upcoming 18th birthday, Francine chooses to face the year with the same attitude she looks for in her beauty routine: fresh, fun, and forward-facing. Belo’s Skin Reboot treatment lifts, contours, and refreshes the skin through radio frequency and microcurrent. This non-invasive skin-tightening treatment is the solution to one of the most common concerns of young men and women: how to have a smaller, slimmer, and more contoured face. It can lessen chubby cheeks, reduce the appearance of a double chin, and make one’s jawline more pronounced. According to Dr. Belo, “The microcurrent tightens and contracts the muscles and allows the argan stem cell-rich cream to penetrate deep into the dermis to improve skin quality.”

In her own words, Francine shares how Dr. Belo helped build up her confidence and the way she saw herself. “Dati, hindi pa ako marunong mag-ayos. Hindi ko alam ‘yong skin care. Hindi ako marunong mag-alaga ng skin ko, so madalas ako nagkakaroon ng pimples, mas oily ‘yong face ko. Tapos nagda-dry siya. So kung ano yung itsura ko noon, yun na. Wala akong pang-motivate sa sarili ko at that time.” She then had her first visit to Dr. Belo’s clinic for a Skin Reboot session. What was an answer to her then puffy cheeks became loyalty to the Belo brand. “I’m happy ngayon kasi, of course, meron nang Belo. And mas alam nila kung paano alagaan yung skin ko. Alam nila kung ano yung better para sa akin.”

francine diaz belo baby

While signs of aging usually start at 25, teens like Francine can use Skin Reboot to get ahead of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Skin Reboot takes 1 hour with prep, and with minimal redness or downtime. The treatment starts at P15,000/session for the face and neck.

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