Patient Shares Her Vaginal Treatment Experience in Belo

This Patient Shares Her UltraFemme 360 Experience – here’s what happened

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 18, 2024

Anne, 35, is a first-time mom. Feeling insecure about her vulva area after giving birth, she decided to give Belo UltraFemme 360 a go. She shares with her experience at our Tomas Morato branch.

What made you decide to try Ultrafemme 360?

Anne: I decided to try Ultra Femme 360 when my sister shared that Belo is now offering the service, which specifically caters to moms who have insecurities down there after childbirth.

Walk us through: Did you need to prepare anything prior?

Anne: It was super easy lang. I was advised to obtain clearance from my OB-GYN and actually I was advised to shave also. That’s it. Not much prep.

What did you do when you got to the clinic? Did you have to take other medications prior? How about consultations?

Anne: Just the OB-GYN clearance. The clinic staff walked me through what’s going to happen. They also briefed me about UltraFemme. That’s pretty much it.

How was the procedure itself like?

Anne: It took about 20-30 minutes. It felt quicker somehow. I would compare it to a hot stone massage. I can’t speak for other women hehe. But it was actually relaxing and you can feel the tightening instantly. No pain talaga. Nakakahiya I was almost micro napping!  I’m super happy with the results. Bonus that it helped me with my incontinence which I didn’t know I had!

What was post-procedure like? For those who are considering this treatment, what can they expect?

Anne: Follow the instructions to the tee to make the most out of the session. I was advised not to wash right after to retain the heat needed for the tightening effect. It would be a good idea to wash before. You may consider shaving before your appointment.

I truly recommend this to any woman who needs a little boost of confidence in that regard. Worth it siya – especially those who are married or have given birth. I feel these are the best candidates, though it’s still helpful to consult with a Belo doctor. Nakakahiya kasi siya pag-usapan,pero yung benefits niya? Nakakadagdag confidence talaga!

Belo UltraFemme 360 starts at ₱25,000.00 per session as is available at our Greenbelt, Greenhills and Tomas Morato clinics. (Please note that prices may change without prior notice and the final price will be based on the doctor’s quotation upon consultation.) Book a consultation now by calling 8819-BELO (2356) or click here!

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