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Road To COVID-proof Belo

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 21, 2021

We are proud to announce that 100% of Belo employees have received their COVID vaccine! #COVIDProofBelo

Belo Staff holding i am fully vaccinated pins
Belo Doctors


100% of Belo Medical Group (Belo) employees in the head office and Metro Manila clinics have now received their COVID-19 vaccine. Belo CEO and Medical Director Dr. Vicki Belo, made sure that all employees get vaccinated, making the clinics a safer place for our patients and staff to go to.

“The Belo employees are our frontliners, and we are prioritizing them for vaccination in order to be protected from COVID-19. That way, we can make our patients feel more safe in the clinics when they visit. Belo is one with the government in this fight against COVID-19, and I am certain that by having all my employees fully vaccinated, we are helping our country eradicate the spread of this virus,” says Dr. Belo. 

Belo female doctor

Fully vaccinated employees will carry a badge of honor with pins that says ‘I am fully vaccinated, Welcome to Belo,’ patients will see this on the doctors’ and staff’s PPEs when they visit the clinic. Belo clinics with all fully vaccinated employees will also carry the same sticker on their doors. This is in the hopes of uplifting the public’s confidence in visiting the clinics to get their dermatological emergencies and procedures done.


Belo clinic staffs

All Belo clinics will still be observing proper safety and health protocols, urging all employees to follow with strict compliance.

Patients will still be asked to accomplish a COVID-19 screening prior to arrival, and will need to do a foot bath, and practice social distancing when they get to the clinic. The chairs and furniture are permanently apart by two meters and are sanitized regularly throughout the day.

We are maintaining our DFS-equipped Air Intellipure systems in every treatment room and common areas in all branches, all treatment rooms are completely sanitized after each patient. We will still continue to do bi-weekly Covid-19 test screening for the staff, with specific focus on those that have not completed their vaccination. Usual safety protocols will still apply- all the staff and doctors are safely suited in our specially designed PPE (Click here to order your Belo Genius Gear), face masks, goggles, and face shields.

Belo strives to keep its 15 clinics across the Philippines including the Belo Head Office in San Juan, Greenhills, safe and COVID-free. As an additional service to our Belo Privilege Elite Club members, they will be entitled to free Moderna vaccines for them and can be extended to their dependents, as well.


Vaccination celebration

To support the nation on its road to vaccinating the whole population, Belo rolls out a ‘Vaccination Celebration!’ offer. Qualified customers will just need to show their vaccination card as proof of complete vaccination, and they can get up to 20% discount on select treatments which they can use multiple times. This promo runs from June 25, 2021 until July 31, 2021 in all Belo Clinics nationwide, and is open to all residents of the Philippines who have already completed the required doses of COVID-19 Vaccination.

Offers are as follows:

20% off on Belo Onda, Skin Genius, Myosculpt, Skin Reboot, Tempsure (face or body) 

10% off on VContour (face or body), Mermaid Facial, Belo Hairtech MD, and Sclerotherapy

Watch how BMG keeps its clinics COVID-19 free. If you would like to book an appointment, click here to see the complete list of Belo clinics near you or call our hotline at 8-819-BELO (2356).

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