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15 Girls Share The Beauty Habits They’ll Be Practicing in 2021

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 13, 2021

With the new year rolling around, we’re pretty sure your planners are all brimming again with new year’s resolutions and plans for the months ahead. What are women intending to do differently or start beauty-wise for 2021? We asked 15 ladies and here’s what they had to say.

  1. Riding that IF train.

“Intermittent fasting, daily treadmill, less rice, and using a conditioner bar (I hate liquid conditioner, too runny for my taste). Shampoo bar, too, to feel good about using less plastic.

  • Blessie, 43
  1.  Cardio time.

“Do HIIT, cardio, and more strength training to build more muscles and for toning to I’ll be stronger and fitter.”

  • Abbie, 28
  1. Get serious with skin.

“Have a religious facial regimen. Wash, tone, etc. By religious, I mean right before sleeping and when I wake up or before working.”

  • Bave, 38
  1. SPF is the most important thing.

“Wear sunblock even if I’m just home.”

  • Kitchie, 35
  1. DIY-ing it!

“Do-it-yourself (DIY) manicures and press-on-nails. It’s super fun! My girls and I enjoy it because there are so many designs.”

  • Carmel, 29
  1. Stepping it up.

“Walk with the dog/s every other day. I hope I can do 10,000 steps per session!”

  • Melissa, 35
  1. Consistency is key.

“To be consistent with my skin care, use makeup I have instead of letting them gather dust throughout this pandemic, and investing in exfoliating products for both face and body to have supple skin.”

  • Ara, 40
  1. Mind and spirit.

“This year, I’ve started doing daily devotions for my spirituality and I drink green tea before sleeping.”

  • Irish, 34
  1. Low-carb life for me.

“Be consistent with my low-carb diet to achieve my goal weight for 2021. Also, to continue my skin care routine and use my serums every day.”

  • Catherine, 27
  1. More fresh air.

“Walk outside to get sunlight. Breathe fresh air. Just be careful and avoid crowds. Drink a lot of water. Break a sweat.”

  • Valene, 34
  1. Back to basics.

“Less is more with skin care! My skin has improved a lot when I went back to my basic regimen because I fell into the trap of ordering so many beauty products last year. Also, yoga! It helps me concentrate on my tasks especially when I flounder in them.”

  • Grachelle, 25
  1. Overhaul!

“Drink three liters of water, drink evening primrose supplement, run/walk for at least 1 to 1/2 hours, get 15 minutes morning sunshine, portion control food, watch funny videos/memes for fun.”

  • Isabel, 32
  1. Less trends, more tried-and-tested finds.

“Eat less rice and less sugar, do more yoga, drink more water, and get more sleep. Also to use less skin care products (to stop trying out trendy products and to stick to what works).”

  • Lynne, 38
  1. Weekly indulgences.

“Use a face mask once a week. I’m trying to apply my night cream and sunscreen more regularly even at home. I even bought my own face steamer and face vacuum to do at-home facials.”

  • Apple, 39
  1. Drop pounds.

“Lose weight because my hormones have been so messed up. I plan to do a low-carb diet again and to do fasting.”

  • Maan, 36

No matter what you plan on doing this 2021—whether regarding skin care, hair care, wellness, or fitness—we hope you conquer all these goals so you can look and feel good all year long. Have fun and good luck, Belo Beauties!

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