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You’ve Heard about the Skin. But What Can Collagen Do for Your Hair and Nails?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 28, 2020

According to Dr. Vicki Belo, we lose 20% of collagen by the age of 20, and several studies prove this. That means by the age of 50, you’ll have already lost half of your collagen, thanks to slowed-down collagen production and the body’s natural aging process. To address this, we’ve developed several options for restoring your collagen reserves, whether it’s collagen supplements (Collagen Melon Smoothie, anyone?) or treatments that stimulate collagen production, like Thermage FLX or Skin Genius. With continued use, collagen helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles and restores your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. But collagen has benefits on other parts of the body, too. What other birds can you hit with one collagen stone?

Collagen helps to build and strengthen your hair

Your hair is primarily made up of a protein called keratin. And to build keratin, your body has to make use of several amino acids. These amino acids can actually be found in collagen. Your body can then break collagen down into amino acids that can be used to create hair! 

The Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Melon Smoothie is what Dr. Belo personally uses in her daily routine…that’s why her hair’s so thick! She loves it so much that she even brings a few boxes during her trips abroad. “In order to keep my skin young, I always bring collagen,” she said in her YouTube TraBELOgue, as she was packing her bags to leave for Boston last year. “And because I’m of a certain age, I have to take two sachets a day.” 

Influencer Lexi Mendiola is following her lead after experiencing stress-related hair fall this quarantine. The best part? You can get creative with your Melon Collagen and mix it with other sippable sweets, like iced coffee, slushies, and even (non-alcoholic) mimosas!

Do your nails break easily? Collagen can help!

“Ouch, I broke a nail!” isn’t just a catchphrase uttered by kikay kontrabidas in American movies. Brittle nails can be a real problem for people who need to use their hands to work. Nails that crack easily can get caught in fabrics or other things, which can break them even more or cause them to look misshapen. Luckily, collagen can help strengthen nails, too! 

Nails are made of keratin, too, just like hair. So collagen’s effects on hair can work to improve your nails. In a 2013 study published by the journal Connective Tissue Research, people with brittle nails were studied for six months. Daily collagen supplements resulted in quicker nail growth and stronger, less brittle nails.

Because of collagen’s amazing benefits, we recommend that you begin taking collagen supplements in your mid-20s. According to Dr. Belo, the body begins the aging process at age 25, so it’s the perfect time to kickstart a good collagen habit. But remember, not even daily collagen supplements will stand a chance against an unhealthy lifestyle. You still have to do your best to eat well and work out regularly to get maximum results!

Ready to begin? Shop the Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Melon Smoothie here, and the Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione + Collagen here.

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