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5 Tips from the Maymay Entrata School of *Awra*

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 3, 2021

It’s not easy creating an IG-worthy look. From the angle of the shot, the lighting, to your outfit, there has to be a perfect balance between these elements to rake in the likes. No matter what you’re wearing, though, it’s really your pose that makes a post unforgettable.

Maymay Entrata knows exactly how to rock any ensemble, and her Instagram feed is a testament to her effortless modelesque vibe. How to pose like a pro just like her? Here are a few tips.

  1. Elongate your body.

Oh-so-*casually* resting your hip and lifting one leg up instantly emphasizes your curves. By slanting your body sideways and extending one leg forward, you’re creating that feeling of length, just like Maymay in this photo. What a way to show off her outfit, too!

  1. Use your accessories as props.

Your accessories don’t just serve to jazz up your look—they also draw attention to your assets. Maymay plays around with her sunglasses and gives a peek of her peepers for that mysterious effect. Slightly angle your body away from the camera and look towards the distance, and voilà, you’ll nail this fierce pose down pat.

  1. Look over your shoulder.

Photos don’t always have to be with you facing the camera directly. If you’re wearing a shoulder-baring top like Maymay in this snap, show them off by doing the look-over-your-shoulder pose. A tight shot zooms in on your bone structure, curves, and that Mona Lisa smile. Perfect for those carefree beach getups! Don some shades for some extra oomph.

  1. Take it from a worm’s eye view.

Maymay certainly knows how to do the “Oh hey, nice to see you there” look without batting an eyelash, and the effect is amazing. Try taking the photo from a worm’s eye view, and don’t worry if some of your hair partially covers your face. It gives off that candid I-didn’t-notice-the-camera-but-I-am-totally-ready-to-smize (that’s smiling with your eyes, ICYDK). And then casually drop a hand in front to low-key showcase your nails.

Wearing a cozy sweater like Maymay? Let one sleeve down loose for that cold shoulder look. If you’ve got a scenic location in the background, by all means, get it in frame!

  1. “Step” it up with some stairs.

Maymay has legs for days, and she definitely knows how to accentuate them in her pics. Sometimes, it’s the most basic of backdrops that make for the best poses. In this photo, Maymay perches on a staircase while gazing intensely at the camera. The no-nonsense neutrals against her dark dress result in a piercingly awra-inducing look.

Find a pose that you’d like to master from Maymay’s IG? There are loads more to take inspiration from! Highlight your best features, put on that fierce look, and do it for the ‘gram!

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