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The Treatment Maymay Entrata, Kim Chiu, and Julia Barretto Can’t Get Enough Of

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 26, 2020

You often hear us talking about Thermage FLX and Skin Genius at length, and while the results of these treatments are unparalleled, the treatment can be beyond the budget for some. For others, they may still be young enough to not need to make a major beauty investment. Luckily, Belo has another skin-tightening and collagen-boosting treatment that’s easier on the pocket: Belo Skin Reboot!

This treatment uses radiofrequency and microcurrent to address sagging, loose skin on the face and the body. This dual-energy approach allows a thick, stem cell-enriched cream to reach your skin cells more effectively. If you’ve seen our Instagram posts, you’ll notice that our patients are covered in a thick, white cream that’s massaged with a wand. That’s the stem cell cream!

It’s a completely painless experience that shows instant results! And at a minimum price of P15,000 per session for the face and P20,000 per session for the body, it’s a more affordable option for younger patients that just want that extra tightening effect!

Maymay Entrata considers it one of her most favorite treatments. “Isa ‘yun sa mga sinuggest [ni Ate Kim Chiu] sa akin. ‘Mag-Skin Reboot ka! Mas gaganda pa ‘yung skin mo.’ Isa po na gusto ko sa Skin Reboot, nakaka-hydrate siya,” she said in a 2019 interview.

Like Thermage FLX and Skin Genius, collagen and elastin formation can be stimulated by the Skin Reboot treatment—meaning that it not only slims the face, but also improves your skin tone and lessens fine lines. Bang for your buck, right?

Naturally, Kim Chiu, the face of our Skin Reboot campaign, is also a huge fan—it’s her go-to treatment for tightening up. Kim even shared in the 2019 Belo Beauty Suite that Dr. Vicki Belo had advised her to ease up on her treatments and try something new for a change; that’s how much she loved it!

Another Skin Reboot convert? Julia Barretto, who tried the treatment before ECQ began, loved how relaxing the treatment was. She even drifted off to sleep at one point! It’s the perfect treatment to try on a relaxing weekend pamper day.

Men can definitely line up to try it, too! None other than Piolo Pascual loves this treatment to liven up dull-looking skin and tone up the jawline.

Ready for your reboot? Call 8819-BELO to book your appointment ASAP!

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