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Are You Dating a 21st Century Man?

By admin on August 9, 2019

Gender roles are changing. They are expanding to accommodate our widening understanding of culture. This opens the gate for new ways we can define ourselves. The modern man is progressive and isn’t stuck in the old ways. 

As it should, there are no limits to what you can like and what you can do, man or woman. This is what we are further fighting for this 21st century. We’re not yet quite there yet perfectly but we are definitely on our way. 

In this aspect, are you dating the modern man? 

Haven’t figured out the equation though to solve if your man is adapting to the times?  Does he need a little push in the right direction? 

We put together this fun little quiz so you can have some clarity!

#1 How many pairs of shoes does he own? 

  1. Five 
  2. More than ten 
  3. Twenty and counting

#2 Does he know what Yeezys are? 

  1. Is that a kind of cheese?
  2. Yes, but he doesn’t care for them.
  3. Yes, and he thinks they should be part of his collection.

#3 How many times does he get a facial in a year? 

  1. Once or twice. Only when you force him to do it.
  2. Every so often, especially if it’s a special occasion.
  3. Monthly, with a schedule in a clinic he’s specific about.

#4 Does he enjoy foot massages? 

  1. No.
  2. Yes, from time to time.
  3. Yes, it’s in his list of self-care appointments.

#5 Which fashion and lifestyle websites does he follow? 

  1. Does the news website count? 
  2. GQ and Men’s Health
  3. Same as B but add Hypebeast, Mr Porter, Complex

#6 Does he know about Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones? 

  1. No, he sometimes even forgets his friends’ names. 
  2. He knows of Abloh because of Kanye West.
  3. Yes. And he’s a fan of both.

#7 Does he care about matching his carry-on bag with his check-in luggage?

  1. Not really. 
  2. He just has one good luggage bag for long trips. 
  3. Yes. He took months to research exactly which brand and model he wanted.

#8 Does he weigh himself weekly? 

  1. He didn’t have a weighing scale until I gave him one.
  2. From time to time
  3. Yes, because he’s also going to the gym a lot.

#9 How many scents does he own? 

  1. The one bottle I gifted him with last Christmas
  2. A few, various mementos from loved ones. 
  3. One for every occasion and continues to look for new scents  

#10 Does he care for printed socks with different characters and themes? 

  1. He just owns multiple pairs of all-black socks from the same brand 
  2. He has a few Marvel character ones but he hardly uses them
  3. Yes. It’s separated into different categories and he has a formula how to pair them with his shoes.


If mostly As: Your guy is a regular joe. Nothing wrong with that. He’s simple to a fault at times. He appreciates quality and goes for function. Hopefully, he will learn more as the days go by. 

If mostly Bs: Your guy is a semi-modern type. He’s dabbling but not yet fully sold. Maybe you can give him a little guidance? 

If mostly Cs: Your guy is a modern man. We would bet that you have dates at the spa or the dermatology clinic together. Keep supporting him more as long as he supports you too! 

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