What Are The 7 Things These Singles Notice on the First Date

7 Things These Singles Notice on the First Date

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 23, 2024

The first date is often filled with a mix of excitement, nerves, and anticipation. For singles navigating the world of dating, the first date serves as a good opportunity to gauge compatibility and determine if there’s potential for a meaningful relationship. We spoke to five singles where they talked about what they notice on the first date!

True Intentions

“I don’t want to waste my time on someone that I’m not on the same page with. This is why tinitingnan ko if mature siya at kung magjjive kami sa unang pagkikita. Yung looks, habang yan talaga una makikita, I become more observant sa attitude niya which helps in finding out kung ano yung true intentions niya.” – Rache


“I like someone who is organised and makes plans. It shows that na he’s a responsible person.” – Mariane


“I’m a firm believer in the idea na ang self-care is the key to loving your skin. Someone with good skin reflects on how they present themselves to the world. When meeting someone new, I want to bring my A-game and that starts with taking care of myself. I want to see that in my potential person, too.” – Czar

Body Language and Manner of Speaking

“I notice how comfortable they are with new people. How confident they are in their own skin.

Even the way they speak – from pitch, tone, and grammar. This says a lot about a person’s background and you can tell if they are faking it or just trying to impress!” – Wilby

Poise and Hygiene

“When it comes to first dates, I tend to be observant and I would always notice the guy’s etiquette and manners since I prefer someone who acts with poise. I would also really like it if the guy’s nails are always trimmed and clean since it’s basic hygiene. For me, it’s like a subtle screening process to see if we’re on the same page personality and vibe-wise.” – Ryse

While first impressions are important, it’s essential to approach the first date with an open mind and the willingness to get to know the other person beyond surface-level observations. Ultimately, building a meaningful connection takes time, effort, and mutual understanding, and the first date is just the beginning of the journey towards finding lasting love!

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