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5 Beauty Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 28, 2021

Let’s face it. With most of us forced to hunker down and work from home in 2020, we were left with little choice but to consume information continuously via screens—TV, our mobile phones, laptops, and almost any other device.

Amid the pandemic, though, this time was also an amazing time for a different kind of media—podcasts. There was a surge in the demand for being informed and entertained without the toxic screen time. From fashion, to K-pop, science, or pop culture, almost every imaginable subject has inspired the creation of digital audio shows.

Beauty, for one, is a widely talked about topic on the platform. Maybe it was all that time being stuck indoors that made a lot of people actually devote more time to skin care. Because you can listen to podcasts while doing other things, it’s a perfect way to get expert beauty advice. If you’re on the lookout for a beauty podcast to check out, we’ve listed down a few that are definitely worth listening to. 

  1. The Science of Beauty

Magazines will always have that authority and influence when it comes to beauty. In this podcast, Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee and executive beauty director Jenny Bailly talk about the foundations of beauty—from sun protection; common skin problems like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles; to deep diving into different body parts and tech-powered treatments.

  1. The Beauty Authority

This roundup wouldn’t be complete, of course, without mentioning our very own Dr. Belo’s beauty podcast, The Beauty Authority, which she co-hosts with yoga instructor slash holistic health coach Katrina Razon. The show combines the science of cosmetic dermatology with the sustainable approach to overall wellness. Get access to the best beauty and health advice in the country, getting to the nitty-gritty of maskne, liposuction, botox, to mental health issues like obsessive comparison disorder.

  1. Stefanie and Joan’s Beauty Bar

Being based in one of Asia’s bastions of beauty definitely has its share of benefits. The Beauty Bar is hosted by Seoul-based German model Stefanie Michova and Korean-American YouTube content creator Joan Kim, who give practical beauty advice on skin care, beauty, and social trends not just in Korea but all over the world. With their bubbly personalities, it’s like just having your kikay girlfriends over for a sleepover.

  1. Fat Mascara

Long before podcasts were all the rage, Teen Vogue’s Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire’s Jennifer Goldstein were already talking about everything beauty-related on the Fat Mascara podcast. In almost each episode, they have experts give the lowdown on topics like nail art, waxing, beauty standards, sustainable beauty, to acupuncture, and plastic surgery. As of this writing, they’ve already released 279 episodes since they started in 2016.

  1. Beyond the Beauty

Who else could talk about everything beauty-related but makeup guru Bobbi Brown? After ending her 25-year-old makeup line in 2016, Bobbi is starting over and pursuing her new passions, including becoming a wellness coach, writing more books, and launching her podcast Beyond The Beauty. On the show, she invites household names and up-and-comers to talk about everything from beauty stigmas, the clean beauty movement, to aging gracefully and setting up a beauty brand. 

Pop on your headphones and take these podcasts with you while you flip pancakes, do the laundry, or on a morning run. Any day is a great day to learn how to take better care of yourself and your skin. Happy listening!

Listen to Dr. Vicki Belo and Katrina Razon’s podcast, The Beauty Authority, here.

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