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5 Tips from the Rhian Ramos School of Witty Instagram Captions

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 23, 2021

With the hundreds of Filipino celebrities that we follow on social media, it can be hard to keep tabs on all of them. But there are those who just naturally stand out with their photos and catchy, memorable captions.

One personality who has her social media game down pat is actress, commercial model, race car driver, and Belo Baby Rhian Ramos. With her combination of beautiful photos and clever captions, it’s no wonder netizens gravitate to her Instagram feed. With the level of engagement on her IG posts, we could all take a page or two out of Rhian’s book. What makes her uploads great? Here are some tips so we can also come up with witty Instagram captions.

  1. Make it relatable.

When the global health crisis hit in 2020, video conferencing became the norm for people working from home. And with users just seeing the top half of your outfit during meetings, it became a running joke to only dress up from the waist up. 

Rhian knows how to take inspiration from what ordinary Pinoys are going through, and plays with it for a totally funny post. What’s even great is that she inherently knows how to pose. Even with the pun-filled caption, the upload still manages to look sophisticated.

  1. It’s okay to make fun of yourself.

Let’s face it. Who wants to follow a celeb who only posts perfect photos of themselves with perfectly-written captions? We want an icon who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can occasionally poke fun at themselves, too. This humanizes them and takes them down from that pedestal, making them vulnerable and more relatable. And totally funny, too!

  1. Make it ironic.

Because our favorite social media personalities are always dressed up glamorously, we want to believe that they’re also regular humans, too. They may be dressed to the nines, which makes every day errands absurd. Nothing like an ironic caption to shatter that illusion of perfection.

  1. Puns are always welcome.

It doesn’t take too much to make a Pinoy laugh, which is why puns will always come in handy when developing an Instagram post. Rhian knows how to use cliché phrases and spin them around with a matching pose and caption.

  1. Use elements in your photo.

There’s no question that Rhian knows how to art direct her IG uploads. Apart from the beautiful photos, she also knows how to create a spin on the caption with close-ups of the objects. The more she includes references to familiar everyday objects, the more humorous the results.

With her striking beauty, confidence, natural sense of humor and undeniable wit, Rhian sure knows how to amuse us and keep us entertained through her Instagram posts. By applying the tips mentioned in this article to your own social media accounts, we’re sure you’ll not just get more likes, but have more fun in the process. Enjoy!

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