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Belo Skin Reboot Review: “Instant Refresh!”

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 27, 2022

Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon tries out Belo’s answer to tired, lackluster and sagging skin.

I was scheduled for a long overdue reunion with friends and wanted to look my best, so I gave Belo BGC a call. They quickly recommended Belo Skin Reboot, which they assured me would be a quick 45-60 minute procedure that grants instant results. On the day of my treatment, I felt like my eyes looked especially tired (I had been missing out on precious beauty sleep lately), so I was looking forward to seeing how Skin Reboot would erase those signs of tiredness.


The treatment began with a thorough wash using my fave ZO® Exfoliating Cleanser. After that, a plant-based treatment emulsion was applied all over, and this was the skin care my face absorbed while the procedure was being performed. The emulsion, aside from providing anti-aging benefits, also helps protect skin from “overheating,” thereby making you feel comfortable for the duration of the procedure.

agoo before and after skin reboot

During the Treatment

Once the emulsion is applied vertically on one side of the face, stage 1 can begin. Stage 1 makes use of radiofrequency (RF), so I felt some warmth as the device was massaging my skin in circular motions. Stage 2 is when microcurrent is introduced alongside RF, and the sensation is warmth and a light, prickly feeling. Stage 3 is the same—only the warmth is a little more intense and the heat is really felt. At this point, I felt the need to tell the aesthetician that some areas were a little more sensitive than others (especially the bony spots like my chin and forehead). She made sure to be more careful when gliding over those areas with the device. The last stage makes use of a smaller applicator for around the eyes and areas that required more contouring, like the jaw and browbone. After doing one side of my face, the same procedure was performed on the other half.

Overall, the procedure was relaxing and painless—although during stage 3, there were times when the heat would get a little uncomfortable (if you’re averse to intense heat like I am, this might be a concern for you). However, after communicating this to the aesthetician, she made the necessary adjustments, and all was well!

Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend this procedure if you have an event coming up or simply need to give your skin a much-needed boost. I felt so confident that day that I decided to skip foundation and contouring altogether and just go bare-faced. Belo Skin Reboot is definitely a game changer and must-repeat treatment in my book. 

To learn about Skin Reboot and other face slimming treatments, click here to book an initial consultation with a Belo doctor.

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