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Your Holiday Beauty Prep Guide for 2020

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 25, 2020

You might be wondering how to prepare your wardrobe and your beauty arsenal for the 2020 holiday season. After all, this is a year like no other. Gone are the lavish holiday parties of old—well, of 2019 and back. This year, things are bound to be more intimate, simple, and understated, but still meaningful. That means your beauty routine ought to follow suit. Here are some tips from both local and global beauty sources on the beauty trends likely to rule our remaining ber months:

1. It’ll be all about the eyes.

Since the only thing lipstick succeeds in these days is staining the inside of our masks, we’ll all be playing up our eyes this season—and many may even be willing to try bolder looks. We know we said “understated,” but the whole look still comes off as understated when you pair a bold eye with a completely bare face. Easy to wash off at the end of a Zoom call, too!

2. Hair will be largely DIY.

Surely, you’ll still have your share of small, in-person family gatherings this season. But because traffic and fully-booked schedules are bound to be a deterrent, many will be attempting DIY hairstyles for their holidays soirees. Sock curls, anyone?

3. Luxe, elevated pambahay will be all the rage.

Gown rentals? Trips to the department store? Not this year. For our virtual holiday parties, fancy pambahay is where it’s at. From silk pajamas to velour tracksuits to cute knit coordinates, there’s something for every style preference.

4. Everyone will be playing around with nail color.

Another fun way to stand out in a Google Meet grid? The way your nails look when you nonchalantly rest your chin on your hand (or hold up a glass of white wine). Try your hand at different colors for each nail, or challenge yourself with some nail art. 

5. Lashes will be on point.

The eyes really do have it this season. Another way people will be drawing attention to them? Lashes. Have them curled, add falsies, or get eyelash extensions. As long as the end result is pretty, nobody’ll know the difference!

6. We’ll all want our skin to look flawless during those Zoom parties.

2020 has succeeded in making foundation seem frivolous. People will be eschewing heavy, pore-clogging bases for the fresher, lighter feeling of natural makeup this Christmas. We’ll be going for watery bases—if any at all—and mixing them with nutrient-rich skincare products for a double-purpose effect on the skin.

If prepping for the holiday social season used to be a source of stress for you, take heart—this year, things are going to be much simpler. Chances are, your friends and family will just be glad you showed up at all: safe, protected, and present despite what 2020’s thrown at everyone. Go on and celebrate, Belo Beauties!

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