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10 Celebs on Their Belo Skin Genius Experience

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 26, 2020

By now, we’ve told you enough about the power of Belo Skin Genius: its ability to combine the power of RF energy and microneedling, its immediate lifting effects, and its collagen-boosting benefits. (If you’re still diving into the Skin Genius hype, check out our landing page to get caught up.) But if you haven’t been convinced enough to book an appointment yet, there are 10 Belo Babies who just might do the trick. Here, you’ll hear it straight from them!

1. Derek Ramsay

To truly see the results of the treatment, Derek had the left side of his face done first. “It really feels firm, guys. Like, lifted up here. I noticed that when I pinched my skin here [pinches cheek], it feels like my forearm. Like this,” Derek explained in an IGTV video, noting that the skin on his forearm was loose and pinchable. After Skin Genius, the skin on his cheek no longer felt similar. “Now it feels plump.” 

A few days after his treatment, he said he “could see a big difference in the texture of my skin. I really like the idea of having my body go through self-healing to make my skin look younger.” 

2. Lexi Mendiola

Being in her late 20s, model and content creator Lexi Mendiola shared that she wanted to minimise her pores and start getting into preventive anti-ageing, as well as doing a treatment that tightens and lifts (her) skin. Dr. Riza of Belo BGC recommended Belo Skin Genius and she loved it! “The [eye area] is much more lifted and awake,” she said post-treatment. “I can already start seeing [results] and I am very impressed!”

3. Georgina Wilson

Georgina was also one of Genius’s early adopters, mentioning that the treatment made her skin “tighter and more lifted.” “It’s the best of both worlds. It’s like Ulthera and Thermage combined in one treatment. And I really saw the effects,” she said. 

4. Morissette Amon

Skin Genius isn’t just for those in the 30s-and-above age range. Men and women as young as 21, like Morissette, can be eligible for the treatment. In Morissette’s case, the skin on her cheeks needed some tightening due to some recent weight loss. “Grabe, ang bilis! Galing!” she exclaimed when Dr. Belo held up a mirror to show her half-face results. “It’s good for lifting my face, and it’s gonna prepare me for my upcoming projects. I’m so excited.”

5. Camille Co

The fashion influencer and content creator tried the treatment in March, in preparation for her first time at New York Fashion Week. Her goal, aside from facial slimming and lifting, was to minimize her pores. Genius is able to address this thanks to microneedling, which causes the skin to heal. “The procedure was pain-free for me,” she began. “My pores, they disappeared! I felt like my skin really improved so much. And my face looked really lifted…it’s such a powerful treatment.”

6. Iza Calzado

Iza got to try Skin Genius in January, well ahead of the others. Her dramatic half-face results can be seen in the IGTV video above, where she said, “I noticed that my skin tightened, and there was a renewed glow. Even if I was sick and lost weight temporarily, my face did not sag, which I guess is a testament to the effectivity of the treatment.”

7. David Guison

The one thing content creator David Guison was happiest about after his Genius session? No. More. Oiliness! Not only did he get to enjoy a more sculpted jawline, he also stopped bringing oil control sheets whenever he left the house. “After ‘nung treatment ko, hindi na ako nag-oil film. Ito talaga ‘yung favorite ko from all the effects ng Belo Skin Genius. I’ve never touched a single oil film,” he proudly discusses in his vlog about the treatment.

8. Pinky Webb

The CNN broadcast journalist tried the treatment at our Greenbelt clinic recently, and she was excited about her dramatic half-face results. “There is a contour right here, compared to this,” she said when comparing her left (treated) and right (untreated) side. “And then my eye is more open than this one.”

9. Michelle Dy

Alongside with other Belo treatments such as the Lumino Vita Glow, vlogger Michelle Dy loves how she saw a tighter and more defined face, in addition to a “glow”. “You can do skin genius,” said the content creator in her vlog. It’s “very, very, genius!” The segment starts at 07:48.

10. Belle Daza

And of course, our muse for the Brighter Days Ahead campaign is Skin Genius’ biggest fan. “I like how it’s precise and adjusts to the quality of your skin,” she began. “I feel like I have a more defined jaw, but it’s very subtle, which is why I like it. I have recommended three friends to try it, and they absolutely love it.” In fact, Belle reported that one of her friends loved Genius because despite the weight gain in their body (thanks to quarantine), their face stayed slim and sculpted. You can view Belle’s full Skin Genius journey in the YouTube video above.

Those are just some of the Belo Babies who have been wowed by Skin Genius’ immediate results, and love the added boost of confidence it’s giving them. If you’re ready for Genius to change your life, go ahead and book your appointment by calling 8819-BELO. Wanna speak with Dr. Belo first? Click here to book a video appointment with her to see if Genius is right for you.

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