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The Pain-Free Skin Tightening Treatment People in Their 20s Should Try

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 29, 2020

OK, so picture this: you’ve lost an incredible amount of weight, and the 2016-era high-waist skirts can finally make a comeback in your outfit rotation. From the neck down, you look amazing…but from the chin up, your double chin and rounded jawline are stubborn as ever. What gives? For reasons we have yet to discover, the body has a way of retaining weight in ways—and areas—we can’t control. Luckily, a great diet and the occasional date with Chloe Ting have you covered RE body concerns. For the face, there’s always Belo Exilis. (Well, you can try it on your body, too, but we’ll get to that later.)

Most skin-tightening treatments come with an expected level of discomfort, thanks to radiofrequency or ultrasound working its magic. But Exilis is unlike other RF treatments in that it cools the skin as the treatment progresses, allowing you to drift off as it does all the hard work. Exilis liquefies fat and triggers the production of collagen, all to tighten up the skin—and without the need for surgery. So if you’re in your late 20s and only beginning to turn your attention towards preventative anti-aging measures, Exilis is a first-timer’s dream.

“The combination of sonography gel and wand offered a calming effect compared to the aforementioned minor pain caused by needles. Exilis reinforces the slimming effect…by sculpting the target areas until they are supple and firm. It also inadvertently made for quality nap time,” shared editor Owen Maddela after trying the procedure in July 2018. We told you it’s nap-friendly!

Lexi Mendiola’s obsessed with the treatment, and she recently took to Instagram to rave about the results: “My face has been feeling extra happy, firm, and tight the past few days [because] I just went back for my fave @belobeauty Exilis treatment—we love a good skin week!” she gushed.

Another twentysomething fan? Darren Espanto, who almost exclusively does Exilis to maintain his globally-famous jawline. He pairs this with Powerpeel to keep skin texture smooth, and just like that, he’s good to go.

Chie Filomeno set out to reduce cheek fat and make her jawline the star of the show, so the tried Exilis last February. As evidenced by her latest selfies, it’s clearly working.

Once you swing yourself off the treatment bed, you might notice some redness, but it should subside in a few minutes. You’ll see visible results after 1-2 treatments, but go for 3-4 sessions for ~*maximum*~ results! Soon enough, you’ll be posing for selfies at every angle, not just your tried-and-tested one. You’ll need to start clearing your camera roll to make room for all those feelin’ myself photos—don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

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