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9 Stunning Makeup-Free Belo Babies

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 21, 2020

Quarantine = going for weeks on end without touching your makeup bag. Such has been the philosophy of many of our #BeloBabies, who have given us glimpses of how they’re doing while sheltering in place. Thanks to our products at the Belo Shop, you can maintain the great results from your last treatment with us (even if it might be a while before we get to have you at our clinics again!). Here are 10 of the best selfies we’ve seen:

1. Julia Barretto

Our Glass Skin Facial muse has made herself clear—her flawless complexion is thanks to Belo! That’s why she isn’t afraid to come in for a superzoom selfie.

2. Kim Chiu

The longtime Belo Baby spent her 30th birthday makeup-free and in a simple white shirt-loose bun combo—in these uncertain times, good food and a loving family is more than enough. Happy birthday, Kim! 

3. Joyce Pring

There’s nothing like being under quarantine with the person you love most. Joyce is making the most of her time indoors by shunning makeup for this selfie with her new hubby, Juancho Triviño.

4. Patricia Henson

Going barefaced is basically second nature for Pat, who loves the outdoors and trying new things. But whenever she posts a new au naturel selfie, she never fails to leave us stunned anew.

5. Zsa Zsa Padilla

Zsa Zsa is meditating—a habit we all ought to try while under quarantine—to ease anxieties and have better control over her thoughts and emotions. And she looks fantastic doing it, too! (For real, though: 10 minutes of meditation a day makes all the difference!)

6. Lexi Mendiola

Our pets must be really happy that we humans are home all day, everyday! Here’s Lexi Mendiola snuggling up with her cat Butter, makeup-free and worry-free.

7. Maureen Wroblewitz

More cat content! With just a little bit of lipstick, Mau is embracing quarantine life (and her furry friend) with a big smile, despite having felt a little under the weather!

8. Dimples Romana

Silver lining: We’re all clocking in some much-needed family time this month. Dimples Romana poses here with her daughter, Callie Ahmee, who clearly inherited her stunning good looks from her mama!

9. Gabbi Garcia

Let’s be real: a great way to spend lazy weekday afternoons is Netflix (chill optional!). Our LuminoVitaGlow muse is doing just that…and she’s not done yet!

We hope this series has inspired you to go barefaced not just at home, but even on social media. A little lip tint wouldn’t hurt if you prefer, but there’s no better time than now to let your skin breathe and live its best life. Just make sure your skincare routine is solid, and once quarantine is lifted, we’d be delighted to have you back under our care.

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