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3 Best Skin Lightening Treatments

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 22, 2018

We all know that dark areas in our bodies are not a pretty sight, often times hindering you from wearing sleeveless or bikinis or raising your arms up in the air. You’re not alone; there are other women (and men, too) who also face this reality.

But don’t let this keep your confidence low forever, there are ways to lighten your problem areas. If you’ve already read every article or tried all the natural home remedies there is on the internet but still no luck, here are 3 best skin lightener ways to lighten your skin!

Best Skin Lightener #1:

THE PROBLEM: Dark Underarms
THE SOLUTION: Revlite Laser

Dark pits are a girl’s worst nightmare. If you’re one of those girls, you can, however, try Revlite. The laser light vibrates and shatters the pigmented lesions from your underarms and breaks the melanin into micro-particles. The result? Whiter and smoother underarms!

Best Skin Lightener #2:

THE PROBLEM: Dark Elbows

Having an even skin tone—especially in areas that can be seen—are actual #goals. But what if your elbows are darker than your actual skin tone? There’s Jet Peel. Jet Peel uses a pressurized oxygen that uses a vitamin-infused saline solution to exfoliate the skin and allow better absorption of nutrients.

Best Skin Lightener #3:

THE PROBLEM: Dark Bikini Area
THE SOLUTION: Angel Whitening Laser

This laser treatment targets your melanin deposits, which helps in lightening the skin and improving your skin’s texture. It’s simple, fast, and very effective solution for those who want to be bikini-ready.


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