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3 Reasons to Try Belo Myosculpt, AKA the Easiest Workout Ever

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 14, 2020

If we told you there existed a workout where you never had to lift a finger, would you believe us? Belo Myosculpt is a brand new body-sculpting treatment that doesn’t require you to move at all, and stars like Julia Barretto, Jennylyn Mercado, Rhian Ramos, and more are seriously impressed with the results. Here are three reasons you should try it, too!

1. It generates 30,000 muscle contractions in a single session.

This machine is equipped with unique electromagnetic technology that naturally activates muscle contractions. You can try it on your abs, butt, calves, arms, and thighs. It can generate as much as 30,000 contractions in a single 30-minute session. That’s like doing 30,000 situps if you’re going for the abs! 

2. All you have to do is lie down. 

Myosculpt burns fat and tones muscle without you having to move an inch. All you have to do is lay down, relax, and maybe even put on an audiobook or some good music. After 30 minutes, your “workout” is done, and you can proceed with the rest of your day as normal…the way you would with an old-fashioned sweat sesh! (BTW: you’re not allowed to work out for 24 hours after the procedure!)

3. It’s not painful.

Our Belo Babies who have tried the procedure describe it as an intense shaking sensation rather than a painful one. It’s a lot like Emsculpt in that sense (which Sue Ramirez found extremely ticklish!). So don’t worry about being in agony for 30 whole minutes—this is a totally tolerable procedure, especially if you’re young and already work out regularly.

Of course, Myosculpt isn’t meant to completely replace your usual workout. It’s just a great way to keep your fitness routine going on days (or weeks) when you can’t make it to the gym or are a bit too tired. The best results will arise from combining this with your regular cardio or weights sessions, as the treatment will enhance your muscle tone and burn those stubborn last inches of fat! Call 8819-BELO to book your session now.

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