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3 Ways To Brighten Your Inner Thighs At Home

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 28, 2020

Dark inner thighs are a common skin problem that most Filipinos encounter. It is often caused by factors such as chafing, hormonal imbalance, or friction from tight clothes. While it’s not a particularly severe skin condition, it can easily erode your confidence. Simple things like flaunting a new swimsuit at the beach or wearing a pair of shorts outside on hot summer days are next to impossible when you’re feeling dyahe about your singit. Luckily, even during a pandemic, Belo makes it easy for you to address the problem in the safety of your home:

If it’s caused by hormonal imbalance: Belo Prescriptives Tyrosinase Inhibitor (5%)

Pregnancy or the use of birth control pills tends to increase the production of melanin due to hormonal imbalances. The Belo Prescriptives Tyrosinase Inhibitor packs a powerful combination of arbutin, kojic acid, and vitamin C in one little tube, which can help by decreasing the formation of melanin on your skin. When used twice daily, you’ll be able to even out your inner thighs in no time! 

If it’s caused by dry skin: Belo On-The-Glow Body Scrub Kit

Revealing brighter inner things may be as simple as removing dry skin. Enjoy a classic Belo treatment from the comforts of your own home with the On-The-Glow Body Scrub Kit, starting off by combining our base oil and sea salt scrub to slough away the dry skin. After rinsing with our Belo Essentials Whitening Bar and topping it off with our Illuminating Cream, you might be tempted to sleep with nothing on because of how smooth and supple your skin feels.

If it’s caused by other factors such as friction or sun exposure: Belo Illuminating System

If you’ve been wearing tight underwear or exposed to the sun for a prolonged period, you might need a mild peeling agent like salicylic acid to reveal lighter skin. Our best-selling Belo Illuminating System includes our Illuminating Soap that does just that, and it’s complemented by the Illuminating Cream that includes Alpha Arbutin and Liquorice to help brighten the area. Since these two ingredients may cause allergic reactions to some people, it’s best to book an online consultation with your Belo doctor prior to purchasing this kit.

After you’ve achieved brighter inner thighs with any of these products, here are some tips to maintain it:

  1. Choose the right size of underwear, making sure the fit is comfortable and not too tight.
  2. Wear nylon shorts or stockings under a skirt to prevent chafing.
  3. Keep your inner thighs clean to avoid the buildup of dead skin.

Brighter skin is within your reach! Head to the Belo Shop and check out the best Belo product for you.

Click here to browse our brightening selection at The Belo Shop

Want to chat before diving in? Click here to book an online consultation with a Belo MD. If you want to speak to the Beauty Expert herself, click here to book an online consultation with Dr. Vicki Belo.

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