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5 of the Best Eye Care Products at the Belo Shop

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 17, 2020

We know, we know. The past couple of months have been extra stressful—and you’re finding it harder and harder to get some much needed shut-eye. And while we wait for science to develop an effective replacement for sleep (or a COVID-19 vaccine–whichever comes first), we at the Belo Shop have a curated selection of must-try eye care products to make you look alert, alive, awake, enthusiastic for your next Zoom meeting.

Check out this list to find out which Belo Shop swag best fits your eyes’ needs.

BelofEYE Kit


Time to get Belo-fied with the new BeloEYE Kit! It features two Belo Shop best-sellers from French aesthetic medicine company, FILLMED®️. The company has been specializing in anti-aging aesthetic and cosmetic solutions for over 40 years, which speaks volumes for their products’ effectiveness.

Each kit contains one (1) FILLMED®️ HXR-Eye Cream and two (2) sets of the FILLMED®️ Eye-Recover Mask. The Eye Cream addresses and then prevents all signs of aging around the eye area using a combination of Arg-lys peptide (smoothens eye wrinkles), Hexylresorcinol (to remove dark circles), and Escin (which helps to reduce puffiness and eyebags); while the hydrogel Eye-Recover Mask is best used with the Eye Cream for a winning combo or 3-Peptides and Collagen which gives the skin an instant refresh.

This BelofEYE Kit gives you expert-quality results in the comfort of your home any time.


P5,310 (15ml)

This eye cream from FILLMED®️ has been proven to address signs of aging around the eye area by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles (using Arg-lys Peptide), removing dark circles and discoloration (using Hexylresorcinol), and getting rid of eyebags (using Escin, which is a mixture of compounds extracted from the Horse Chestnut seed, Aesculus hippocastanum) for a more youthful look.

(For best results, use together with FILLMED®️ Eye-Recover Mask.)

FILLMED®️ Eye-Recover Mask

P3,800 (pack of 4 masks)

For quick and fuss-free relief for puffy eyes and sagging eyelids, this Eye-Recover Mask contains 3-Peptides, Provitamin B5, HMW Polysaccharides, and Collagen, which revitalizes the skin for a quick perk-up. It’s like giving your skin a much-needed drink to make it glow. The hydrogel also helps soothe tired eyes while leaving the skin visibly refreshed.

(For better and longer lasting results, use it with FILLMED®️ Eye Cream regularly. This mask is recommended to be used twice a week.)

FILLMED®️ Eye-Recover Mask

P990 (per mask)

You can also purchase the FILLMED®️ Eye-Recover Mask per piece, which would be perfect for your travel kit, so you can relax your tired eyes anytime, anywhere.

Frezyderm Eye Cream

P2,800 (15ml)

This anti-wrinkle eye cream regenerates the skin around the eye area through hydration (with sodium hyaluronate) and increasing collagen generation and elasticity (using phospholipids) by up to 111%! Coming from the best dermacosmetics company in Greece, FrezyDerm Eye Cream contains Argan extract (Argania spinosa), which is known as nature’s way of fighting off wrinkles. It is also free from parabens, so you’re only using nature’s best on your skin.

For more eye care and skincare must-haves, visit the Belo Shop today.

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