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5 Spots You Shouldn’t Miss When Applying Sunscreen

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 18, 2020

HERE’S A NOT-so-fun fact: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people only use 20 to 25 percent of the sunscreen needed for complete and proper protection. That’s like only getting two hours of sleep instead of eight, or drinking only two glasses of water instead of eight…you get the drill. We’re! Not! Wearing! Enough! Sunscreen! And we’re not wearing it in all the places. This has implications for our health down the line, from sunspots that are difficult (and expensive) to remove to a higher risk of skin cancer. Here are the five spots people commonly miss when applying sunscreen, from top to bottom:

1. Your scalp

“WHAT?” you mutter incredulously. “You have to put sunscreen on your SCALP?!” There’s no getting around it—the top of your head gets an extensive amount of sun exposure, especially when you’re at the beach. Use a stick or spray sunscreen to cover the part of your scalp where your hair parts. Or, better yet, wear a hat with UV protection.

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2. Your eyelids

In a study at the University of Liverpool, people asked to apply sunscreen to their own faces would miss 10% of coverage. You can guess where they didn’t apply. We’re told to not place sunscreen directly on the eyes (no explanation necessary), but because the skin around our eyes is so thin and delicate, it needs UV protection the most. And yet, it’s the spot we miss most often. Don’t forget to dab a thin layer on your eyelids, being extra-careful not to penetrate your actual eyeballs.

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3. Your ears

Another oft-missed spot? Those ears, and for good reason. We don’t really think they count as “skin,” but the fact is, they’re the third most common location for skin cancer. So unless you plan to walk around in earmuffs, slather on that SPF!

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4. Your lips

OK, we know what this sounds like. But we’re not asking you to apply cream sunscreen on your lips. Choose a lip balm with SPF protection to keep those puckers protected instead.

5. Your feet

Ever gotten those unsightly flip-flop tan lines? People often forget to wear SPF on the tops of their feet, but that area gets just as much exposure as your face! (Don’t forget your toes.)

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The next time you step out for a quick errand in the blistering 2 P.M. heat, you’ll be protected, as long as you keep these spots adequately covered. To seal the deal, look for light parkas that offer UV protection, and wear sunglasses underneath that face shield. Stay safe!

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