Stay Ahead with Belo Med's Formula VB Immunity Booster Kit

Be Ahead of the Game with the Formula VB Immunity Booster Kit

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 18, 2020

It’s true that being beautiful on the outside starts with being healthy on the inside. While we’ve all taken measures to keep our families and our community safe during this unprecedented crisis—obeying quarantine guidelines, social distancing, and sheltering in place—it’s still important to take care of our individual health. It’s like that adage we hear on a plane: Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. You can’t help keep those around you healthy if you yourself aren’t.

In this regard, we have developed the Formula VB Immunity Booster Kit. There are several vitamins and supplements readily available on the market promising to boost our immune system, but what makes this kit different? Well, it’s expertly and specifically formulated to help your body build a defense system against early signs of COVID-19, such as respiratory infections, inflammation, and flu-like symptoms…allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

What’s in the Formula VB Immunity Booster kit?

Vitamin D3

This plays an important role in promoting respiratory health and lowers the risk of developing respiratory tract infections. It’s delivered under the tongue, which ensures 5 to 10 times better absorption compared to the capsule form!

Zinc Picolinate 

Possessing antiviral properties, zinc picolinate has been proven effective in inhibiting the replication of many viruses, including the coronavirus. What’s more, studies have shown that zinc picolinate is better absorbed by the body than other types of zinc (zinc citrate or zinc gluconate).

Vitamin C

This one you’re probably familiar with! Also known as ascorbic acid, this reliable vitamin acts as an antioxidant that limits inflammation, tissue damage, and dysfunction seen in most viral infections. Vitamin C supplements are running out everywhere, so it’s a good thing you can get your dose along with this kit!


This naturally-occurring hormone in the body is produced by your pineal gland. But factors like quarantine-induced stress, smoking, too much exposure to light, and aging can all affect melatonin production. This supplement protects against excessive inflammation induced by the Coronavirus that may lead to respiratory injuries. It also improves sleep quality which might be beneficial to improve the immune system in general.

All the good-for-you vitamins and supplements mentioned above are yours when you get the Formula VB Immunity Booster Kit at The Belo Shop! And remember, the Belo Shop is now open to both BPC and non-BPC members, so you don’t need to be a current patient of ours to get your much-needed immunity boost! 

Stay safe and healthy, Belo Beauties! Click here to get your kit.

DISCLAIMER: Keep products out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, taking medications, or having allergic reactions, consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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