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#BeloBeautySuite: Where All #BeloBabies Will Be Before The #ABSCBNBall2019

By admin on September 14, 2019

When preparing for a big event, let’s say the ABS-CBN Ball, it’s best to be as relaxed as possible. It can be an exciting day after all: getting your makeup done by a top artist in the industry, wearing that designer gown made just for you, seeing your fellow celebrity friends, plus getting to interact with icons of Philippine entertainment. It’s a big party meant to flood social media. Days from now we will still be dissecting the outfit of the best dressed and which makeup trend was spotted on the red carpet.

Belo Beauty Suite for ABSCBN Ball 2019

If a certain celebrity such as Sue Ramirez or Jane De Leon needs a bit of help to relax and go through the day with ease, there’s the Belo Beauty Suite set up right now and all day long just before the ball begins.

Sue Ramirez in Belo Beauty Suite

BeloBabies drop by here to have the ultimate prep for one of the show business’s biggest nights. They can have a leisurely time before the frenzy of flashing lights.

Belo Beauty Suite

At the Belo Beauty Suite, they can choose a beauty treatment from the special menu put together to suit the needs of the night. Take notes so you know what to get for yourself if you’ve also got an occasion to prepare for!

Kira Balinger in Belo Beauty Suite

Offered up today are the Beauty Drips like the Cinderella Drip which helps achieve radiant skin via glutathione and the Enhance Supervitamin Drip for energy–better than a coffee jolt to be able to enjoy the ball.

Loisa Andalio in Belo Beauty Suite

If they need to have something extra there’s Skin Reboot which instantly lifts up the skin and Cryoslush which helps reduce the appearance of pores.

celebrities at Belo Beauty Suite

A selection of new facials is also available. These are the Salt Facial for hydration, Luminovitaglow for extra highlight, Crystalle Glass Mask for younger-looking skin, Light Mask to reduce signs of fatigue, and Glass Skin Facial for that collagen boost.

Afterward, they can chill and have a bit of a snack. The Belo Beauty Suite is a place to breathe and help the celebrities be at their best for the ABSCBN Ball.

You can catch the #BeloBabies and the events at the Belo Beauty Suite on​ ​@belobeauty throughout the day.

Curious about getting the same treatments the #BeloBabies got at the Belo Beauty Suite? You can get them too! Call Belo now at 819-BELO (2356) or click here to book your appointment.

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