Catriona Gray & Piolo Pascual for BelofEYE Campaign

Catriona Gray and Piolo Pascual Are Seeing the World with New Eyes

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 6, 2020

In this brave new world, just one look can say a thousand words. And with the lower half of our faces covered, this is the best time to focus on what is visible and seen: our eyes. That’s why we tapped two of the most recognizable pairs of eyes in the country, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and renowned actor Piolo Pascual, to be the faces—or should we say eyes—of our newest BelofEYE campaign.

Our increased time at home has resulted in more screen time, resulting in eye strain, puffiness, dark circles, and more. “[Our eyes are] probably the biggest communicator that we have, other than our ability to speak,” Catriona said. “So it’s definitely important to take care of our eyes, especially now that [the] emphasis is there not to touch or tug our eyes. With our sleep routines changing during quarantine and work routines being disrupted…I know that when I’m tired, I have a tendency to rub my eyes and neglect skincare when I get too busy.”

On the outside, our eyes need a fresh burst of rejuvenation to allow all of us to look bright and happy again, despite the circumstances. Belo has a comprehensive line of eye treatments and a hardworking at-home kit, for brighter, more youthful eyes. 

First off, there’s BioNutriGlow, a mesotherapy procedure that infuses the vitamin-rich New Cellular Treatment Factor® into the eye area to boost collagen and help the eyes look more youthful. “I particularly like BioNutriGlow, especially for people that stay up late, spend more time on your phone, or [watch a lot of] TV,” Piolo shared. “Our eyes get exhausted, and it really takes its toll. So it kind of rehydrates the skin, and it lifts it to make it wider. For people my age, there’s a tendency for the lid to kind of droop, so it’s important to make sure that the circles of the eyes get enough nutrients for [them] to stay healthy.” 

Other treatments under the BelofEYE umbrella include Angel Whitening, which has a special Panda Eyes setting specifically created to zap undereye circles. (Click here to see Piolo trying it.) There are also neurotoxin or injectable wrinkle removers, commonly known as BOTOX® and Xeomin, which relax the muscles, resulting in overlying skin that appear smooth and unwrinkled—perfect for crow’s feet. Dermal fillers and embedded protein threads (EPT) are used strategically and precisely by Belo MDs to give patients a “fox eye” look (check the procedure out here). And finally, Thermage Eyes tightens loose, sagging skin to banish eyebags and hooded lids for up to a year or more.

The BelofEYE routine continues with at-home care. Catriona is a huge fan of the BelofEYE Kit, a DIY eye care kit for those days when your eyes are extra strained. “I love it, ‘cause it’s just two steps. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to follow, and it’s easy to incorporate into your routine,” she gushed. What’s inside? Only two of the most powerful eye care products from renowned French aesthetics brand, FILLMED®️. The FILLMED®️ HXR-Eye Cream contains hexylresorcinol (hence the name HXR) to address dark circles, escin to reduce puffiness and eye bags, and arg-lys peptide completes these superstar ingredients as it smoothes the appearance of eye wrinkles. This powerful cream is complemented by a hydrogel-based mask, the FILLMED®️ Eye-Recover Mask, which releases 3-Peptides and collagen into the eye area for an instant refreshing effect.

“It feels like you’re pampering yourself [by] using the eye mask and the eye cream. When I’ve had long days and feel tired, I always feel it first in my eyes. The BelofEYE Kit has just allowed my eye area to be really hydrated, and I feel like I’m looking after them well,” shared Cat.

All’s well and good on the outside thanks to BelofEYE, but for our perspectives to truly change for the better, growth needs to happen from the inside, too. During the quarantine period, Catriona realized just how caught up she had been in work—and how she had forgotten to stop and smell the roses. “I was caught up in the hustle and bustle of [work],” Catriona shared. “When we’re forced to slow down, we’re confronted with the reality of things that we might have been neglecting…simple things: going out for meals, going to church, being able to travel. When it’s taken away from you, you realize just how wonderful the opportunity is. So I think we’re all seeing the world with new eyes.”

Piolo, on the other hand, had a shift in perspective this quarantine when he embraced a simple, farm-to-table lifestyle in Batangas. “It’s nice to not just live healthy, but to also save money by not buying a lot of stuff, and planting your own food or raising your own chickens or fish. These are all easy things to do right now, especially since we have so much time. Nakakatipid ka na ng pera, healthy ka pa,” he explained.

It’s easy to see how the world has changed because of the global pandemic, but it would be better if we looked at it with “new eyes”—that is, with a better perspective and more optimism. Then, this new world will surely look brighter, too.

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