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Quick Fixes: Cleanse, Exfoliate and Rejuvenate with Belo Wet and Dry Dermabrasion

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 8, 2019

Cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate with Belo Wet and Dry Dermabrasion! There’s a new treatment that celebs can’t get enough of! Lovi Poe is one of many celebrities that have tried and continuously patronizes Belo Wet & Dry Dermabrasion. This relaxing treatment promises to make your skin smoother and glowing after every session. “It makes your skin more supple and gives you that glow that last for a long time,” our Belo Wet and Dry Dermabrasion ambassadress testifies.

First, the cleansing process is gentle yet thorough. Deep-seated dirt is vacuumed out and renews the surface of the skin. This procedure lasts one and a half hours and is surely a pain free way to keep your skin youthful and refreshed. This treatment is so easy it can be done during your lunch break. The true distinction is the peptide serum step that is infused and absorbed by the skin, as the exfoliation process lifts away dead skin cells. Lastly, bleaching cream is applied all over to ensure a more even and brighter skin tone.

The best part? There is no downtime unlike a traditional chemical peel so you can attain that flawless skin minus the hassle. The treatment can be done weekly, so if you’re in need of a total beauty overhaul, the Belo Wet and Dry Dermabrasion helps you achieve that maximum glow in a breeze.

Can’t wait to pamper yourself and feel renewed? Schedule an appointment today! Click here or call 819-BELO (2356) to book.

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