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Get Back to Basics with Belo Glycopeel Cleaning

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 18, 2020

Last March 13, Dr. Vicki Belo and the Belo Medical Group made the decision to close our Metro Manila clinics to keep patients and employees safe in light of COVID-19. Now, with stringent safety measures in place, majority of our clinics are now open. And we’re sure that the first beauty treatment on your mind isn’t anything fancy—your highest priority is just to get a regular facial, to remove all the gunk and buildup on your face from the past few months. And we’d like to recommend one of the most popular facials on our roster: Belo Glycopeel Cleaning!

What is Belo Glycopeel Cleaning?

Many of our patients suffer from congested pores, which in turn can cause breakouts. Lackluster skin is also a concern; instead of going bare-faced, some might opt to pile on the makeup to achieve a faux glow. To make your skin the star of the show, the Glycopeel Cleaning uses a concentration of fruit acid (either 20% or 70%) to kickstart the skin’s natural turnover process. The acid serves as a chemical exfoliant that doesn’t cause any visible peeling, and it’s strong enough to remove pimple-causing bacteria. But this is just one part of the process!

What happens during a Glycopeel Cleaning session?

To begin the treatment, your aesthetician will ask you to close your eyes and inhale some lavender oil for relaxation. Then, your face is cleansed of makeup and other impurities (though we’d prefer you came to the clinic barefaced). Then, fruit acid is applied and allowed to absorb for some time. After this, a steaming device is used to loosen up the pores prior to the actual cleaning process. Finally, after the extraction, toner is applied to the face, ending in some sunblock if your appointment ended in the daytime. You’ll be asked to forego your regular skincare routine that night, and to wash your face the next morning instead.

How often should I book Glycopeel Cleaning sessions?

Depending on your skin type, Glycopeel Cleaning can be done as often as once a week or as infrequent as once a month. Our Belo MD will inform you when you discuss your beauty plan together. Facials are a skin necessity, as they solve congestion issues, banish acne, and allow your skin to glow, so don’t forget to have them as regularly as you can. 

Book your Belo Glycopeel Cleaning by calling our clinics here, or by emailing We’d like to help you get back on track with your skin goals, and this facial is a great way to start. See ya!

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