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How Many Hamburgers Can 20,000 Crunches Burn?

By admin on July 17, 2019

In order to answer the question above, we need to employ a bit of math. The average hamburger has about 295 calories. Not that much? Only if you don’t factor in how long you need to burn a single calorie. 

Let’s do a quick math lesson, shall we? If you can do 200 crunches in 10 minutes, that means you are burning around just 47 calories. 

Sucks, right?

It’s not impossible to do 200 crunches in 10 minutes. It’s the rate of a moderate-intensity workout. But for you to be able to reach the ability to do 20 correct sit-ups at 60 seconds to meet the 10-minute goal can take a long time of everyday training. 

Running is another option. If you run for 10 minutes at a speed of 6 mph, you burn 106 calories. It’s not that bad. It’s still not a full burger though. Given an hour’s run, you’ll only be able to burn 636 calories, which is just around two and a half burgers. It’s good if you do eat just two and a half burger a day, but we all know those meals come with an add on of fries and a soda. Plus we snack in between. 

This is not to discourage you to exercise. Do what is best for your body and your needs, of course. But given our fast-paced and busy lives, some of us don’t have an hour to spare to work on that 200 crunches mark in 10 minutes. What to do? Enter Emsculpt.

You may have heard of it. Emsculpt enjoyed multiple reviews for different lifestyle publications last year. Its promise is 20,000 crunches or muscle contractions in 30 minutes. 

To the skeptic, it’s easy to think this is impossible. For this, we can break down the facts. Using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology, it generates muscle movement which is physically unachievable on our own. 

Since you’re making your muscles work at a rate which is equivalent to months worth of exercise in half an hour, you’re speeding up burning of fat and your metabolism. Emsculpt works not by blasting your fat away. It makes your muscles do all the work so you can get that toned abdominal area or buttocks effortlessly. It’s like time travel too! 

There is minimal downtime to Emsculpt. The effect is immediate and is visible two to four weeks after the last session. If you do it regularly, you will see how the effects continue on for several weeks. 

Book a consultation with one of our doctors now to find out more about Emsculpt. Call 819-BELO (2356) or click here to make an appointment.

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