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How to Look Tall in Your IG Photos, According to Kim Chiu

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 11, 2021

For a lot of Filipinas, looking taller in photos is a requirement for IG-worthy shots. If you’re already nodding your head in agreement, you’re in luck today. We’ve scrolled through Kim Chiu’s Instagram feed for some tips on how to look tall in your IG photos. Though our chinita princess is already blessed with more-than-average height, we could always take some notes from her go-to poses and angles. If anything, she’s taught us a lot about maneuvering the camera just right for that perfect height-adding shot!

  1. Elongate your legs.

When it comes to looking taller in photos, the simplest trick is to use your limbs. One of Kim’s go-to poses is to face her body a little to one side, setting one foot slightly more to the front and closer to the camera. It’s simple, but you could see how it makes her look effortlessly statuesque. Don’t forget your upper body, too! Taking photos is all about creating angles and lines, so don’t forget to use your arms and tilt your head back a bit when posing.

  1. Don a pair of heels.

Not only does wearing a pair of heels add literal inches to your stature, it also helps you strike a power pose. The heels don’t have to be towering, 5-inch ones. Your comfiest platform or block heels should suffice. Also, take note of the clothes you’re wearing. Big, oversized pieces can emphasize your shorter height, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

  1. Take photos from an upward angle.

Here’s a tried-and-true photography tip for those who want to look taller in photos: ask your photographer to crouch down on the ground and slightly tilt the camera upwards before pressing the camera button. The trick is making it look like you’re gazing directly at the camera without looking down at it. Don’t forget to use the stairs and elevated platforms readily available to you in outdoor settings to add more height-trickery.

  1. Eye-level photos can also help you appear taller.

For petite ladies, always ask your IG boyfie or hubby to take a shot from your eye level—not theirs. There’s a bit of psychology that’s behind this tip: if a photo is taken at the subject’s (that’s you!) eye level, the viewer’s mind perceives them to be at the same height. So if you familiarise yourself with nailing this trick, your Instagram feed will definitely transform overnight.

  1. Take a photo while sitting down.

Having a photo taken while you’re all sitting down can even out any height difference, especially when you’re in a group of people. Sit a smidge closer to camera while still showing off your best side and have your vertically-blessed companion sit just a few inches back on the seat. You’ll look like you’re all of the same height, trust us!

What’s your go-to tip to make yourself look taller in your photos? Send us a DM on IG—we’re @belobeauty.

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