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Is Your Man in His 40s? He’ll Love This New Yellow Laser

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 19, 2020

Living in a tropical country, we face a lot of environmental factors such as heat, pollution, and sweat every day. For those with active lifestyles, they also tend to sweat more and expose themselves to the harsh rays of the sun. This leads to issues such as acne (especially maskne!), hyperpigmentation, and oiliness to arise. For men in their 40s, these skin issues are very apparent. Your hubby may not know it, but their skin is in dire need of some serious care.

Meet Belo ADVALight. It’s the first of its kind and the only pure yellow and high-powered infrared laser energy available in the Philippines—and the new anti-ageing facial treatment your hubby will fall in love with.

He’d love it if he spends a lot of time outdoors.

If your hubby, like Piolo, loves to spend time outdoors doing activities like biking, hiking, swimming, surfing, just to name a few, he would benefit from a yellow laser treatment. Sun exposure increases the production of melanin spots which causes hyperpigmentation. With ADVALight’s two modes, ADVAClear and ADVAYouth, his complexion would be greatly improved as both work to correct skin discoloration and sun damage.

It can banish his acne scars.

With maskne being a big concern during these times, acne and acne scars are one of the main skin issues men face at the moment. If your man is concerned about unwanted pigmentation, the ADVAYouth treatment combines yellow laser (to target acne, acne scars, and rosacea) with infrared laser (to treat pigmentation). The cutting-edge technology aims for the blood vessels found underneath pigmentation and redness, which according to Dr. Belo, “supplies the melanocytes” that create dark spots on your skin.

It can help tone up his skin.

With age comes wisdom, but also brings a lessening in skin elasticity. Not only does it help with acne scars, the ADVALight ADVAYouth mode can also provide your man with what Dr. Belo calls a “nonsurgical facelift”. The yellow light stimulates elastin and collagen production, which is responsible for keeping the skin looking tight and firm. As we grow older, the skin’s ability to replenish its elastin and collagen stores greatly decreases. This is most evident in men’s eye areas, which Piolo also battles with, as their eyelids sag faster than women. Plus, it helps minimise wrinkles and fine lines too!

It can also help minimise pores and oil production.

Aside from making the skin look taut and lifted, the ADVALight ADVAYouth could also make his pores look smaller while also limiting sebum production. Another win for #BeloYellow! 

It is completely painless and has minimal downtime.

Yes, you heard that right: the ADVALight is virtually painless! He will only experience some mild redness after the session, which will eventually subside after a few hours. There’s very minimal downtime and discomfort, so he’s free to go back to his active lifestyle in a snap.

To see the ADVALight Laser Treatment in action, watch Piolo try it on-camera by watching this video:

The ADVALight treatments are exclusively available at Belo BGC and Alabang

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